Thursday, July 23, 2009

Plain White Box! A contest! Enter to win!

Okay, could I be any more delinquent? Don't answer that. I won the Plain White Box from Statia (proud owner of TWO awesome kids now), who won it from Donna, who won it from someone else. This is a pay-it-forward kind of deal -- i.e., an awesome treat arrives for you in the mail; you enjoy its bounty; you refill it and add your personal touch, and you send it on to the next person with MUCH MORE promptness than I have done.

Are you interested? Who wouldn't be? Make a note in the comments, and I'll pick a winner using the random-number generator or other equally impartial decision tool. Or I'll just close my eyes and think of a number between one and two, which is likely the number of comments I'll have.

Seriously, though, I've stocked it with good stuff already. So make your interest known. Do it now, and don't be shy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time flies, etc.

Wow, that was a long time. I started a new job and don't do any personal email or surfing during the day (exhibiting impressive restraint on my part), and now it's been a couple of months. Whoops.

So, first, I am in possession of the Plain White Box and will soon pay it forward to the next person. That is on my to-do list for this week. I need to add my own decorations to it, but then it is ready to go. I'll make a separate post for that since it deserves one.

Second, Seb.astian is almost six months old. Holy fucking shit! I am nearly done breastfeeding, but not quite, which means I'll make it to six months. I impress myself. It's all been by chance, but I'll act as if I persevered intentionally.

Third, Se.bastian is FINALLY getting his sleeping act together, knock on wood. It took learning to roll over from his back to his tummy, but now he's much better. Still not as good as, but things are looking up. I hope.

Fourth, my right ovary is starting to hurt. I'd wanted it removed during my c-section, but my OB said it looked OK, so we left it in. Now I'm starting to regret it. I assume my endometriosis is back, and I resent it.

Finally, I haven't been blogging much (stating the obvious), but I am reading, and I'm really excited for a few of you out there. You know who you are. Fingers crossed that everything goes well.

(Check back this week for a post on the Plain White Box and how to enter to win!)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wow, has it been that long?

I am totally still alive.  Tired, yes, but alive.  That sleep training I mentioned?  Yeah, it's still going on.  Our young hero makes it until 5:30am, which I can live with, except when he doesn't.  Like last night, when he was awakened repeatedly by diarrhea.  Poor kid.  Sleep training goes out the window in such situations, obviously.  

Seb.astian is SO amused by, who is turning TWO in two days, which I can't believe.  Except when he says things like "You can't have it, Mommy!", brandishing his sippy cup, and I'm all like, "I didn't want your milk, sillypants."  His babysitter told me that, today, he went up to a dad who was at the playground, watching his kids while sitting on the seesaw, and, who wanted to play on said seesaw, proclaimed, "Excuse me, MAN."  Both polite and aggressive, my son.

I am still breastfeeding, if you can believe it.  I can't.  The reason, however, is the aforementioned 5:30 wakeup.  I take S.ebastian into bed with me and nurse him, thereby tricking us both into an extra hour of sleep.  It's not going to last, though, since I don't do much feeding/pumping otherwise, so things are drying up.  

In other news:

Mother's Day just happened, and I remembered how horribly it sucked, and I wanted to send good vibes to anyone who's still stuck in infertility hell.  

Speaking of infertility hell, my copy of Mel's book, Navigating the Land of IF arrived, and it is fabulous.  As you know, Mel is a great writer, and she's also so well informed that everything in the book seems correct to me.  Hallelujah!

Finally, there's been great news and bad news out there in our world lately.  I won't repeat the sad news because it's just too hard to bear.  And I won't repeat the good news because I tend to jinx people.  But both camps are on my mind these days.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cutting back

Is this post about the recession?  Nope.  Well, I suppose it is, indirectly.  You see, it's time for me to get a full-time job, which means I need to undertake a job search.  And those job searches take a long time these days, so I'd better start now, even though my second child (whom my husband occasionally calls "the other one," apparently forgetting his name) is still young.  And starting now means that I don't have time to pump after every feeding.  Also, I hate the fucking pump.  We shouldn't overlook that.  So as of today I am pumping after the morning feeding, the 1pm feeding, before bed, and in the middle of the night.  

Did you guys see the article called "The Case Bre.astfeedin.g" in the current issue of The Atlantic?  It has gotten the Internet into a furor, but, personally, I found it to be a nice reality check.  And if you're a low-supply gal like me who goes to great, possibly insane lengths to breastfeed, it offers some good perspective.  Like that it might be better for me to spend time with my offspring than to be pumping all the time.

In other news, Seb.astian's sleep is kind of a catastrophe.  He's getting his ass sleep-trained next weekend.  I'm ruthless.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A quickie

I have other posts brewing, but this is just a quick one to give myself a pat on the back.  You see, today I ventured out with the infant, the toddler, AND the dog -- all at once.  The dog was really the problem, seeing as he's been driven from the brink of insanity into real insanity due to the excess of children and the dearth of walks in his life.  The infant and toddler were very well behaved.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

How do people have more than two kids?

I mean, sure, maybe you get better at managing the chaos created by many children, but how do you handle the germ transmission?  I mentioned in my last post that Se.bastian was sick -- well, it turns out it's RSV.  I've been having to take him to the pediatrician every day for a checkup, but that's at least better than having him in the hospital.  He's lost a pound and his sleeping has gone to hell.  I've since heard from several friends that their second or third babies ended up in the hospital when they got RSV at a young age (from an older kid in the house).  Yikes.  FYI, you're supposed to take your baby to the doctor immediately if they get a cough.  And the treatment Se.bastian is getting now involves two things through a nebulizer.  He should get better this week, according to the doctor, though it could linger.  Meanwhile, has some other virus that is causing a fever -- I hope we avoid that in Seb.astian.  We are keeping them far, far apart and hoping that I am immune to whatever has.

I'm on zi.thromax for an ear infection and taking many anti-thrush precautions, such as probiotics galore.  Also, I change my nursing tanks frequently and wash off my chest with vinegar, causing me to smell vaguely like salad at all times.  Well, salad on top of maple syrup, since I am also taking fen.ugreek.  In short, I am a joy to behold -- and smell.

But in other news, Seb.astian is making lots of intense eye contact and even smiling from time to time, so my postpartum OCD/anxiety levels have dropped.  For that, I am extremely thankful and will happily deal with sick offspring.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An actual, verifiable source of worry

So is a little germ factory (or, more accurately, carrier).  He has had one cold after another all winter long because he goes to this indoor rec center with his nanny and the other kid in the sharecare, which, from a germ perspective, is maybe one step removed from daycare.  Well, he infected me with this latest cold, which gave me an ear infection and a cough.  

I thought my magical breastmilk would prevent Se.bastian from getting sick, but no luck.  He's now a sick little guy, coughing and wheezing and being really tired and not really eating much.  We've been to the doctor three times in 24 hours (on their advice -- I'm not THAT crazy) to get him checked.  He's taking lev.albut.erol from a nebulizer, and we're now adding some steroid to that plan.  If he gets worse, the next thing is the hospital, where they can give him oxygen.  

I'm not really sure how we could have prevented this, since I can't not touch when he's sick, you know?

In other news, I definitely have a bigger milk supply this time.  For one feeding at night, I've started just pumping (while someone else gives the baby a bottle of pumped milk and/or formula), and I am getting six or seven ounces then, after not feeding/pumping for four hours.  I did this with, too, and would only get three or four after not pumping/feeding for six to eight hours.  So wahoo!  Something is working.  It's hard to say what since I am taking 947 supplements, doing acupuncture, eating various alleged lactogenic foods, etc.

Also, I broke down and had a little booze the other day at an Oscars party.  Ahh, champagne.  So refreshing.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Because Niobe asked

Check out this post.  And check out the links in the post.  Then post your own eye color on your blog.  It's nifty to see everyone's eyes!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Insult to injury

We had the housecleaners here today, and they poured out the breastmilk I had just pumped.  (I keep the bottles/horns out for two or three pumping sessions before refrigerating the milk and washing the accessories.)  When I asked where they were, the cleaner said she had poured it out because "it was only a little."  A little for her, maybe!  Anyway, since we are already supplementing a few ounces a day with formula, this did not send me into convulsions.  If this had happened last week, I would have broken down and cried and perhaps not stopped until placed into an induced coma.

In other news, I am freaking myself out about the fact that Seb.astian doesn't make much eye contact.  I think it's improving (ie, he does more and more each day), but I consulted Dr. Google on all kinds of autism-related queries, and now I'm totally insane with worry.  I think that perhaps I need to (a) step away from the Internet and (b) see some sort of professional about my tendency to work myself up over medical things.  In the meantime, it would be nice if my little boy would start gazing at me lovingly and with massive smiles all the time.  I recall doing this with S.oren, too, but I think he started smiling shortly thereafter, and my fears were assuaged.  Se.bastian has broken out a few smiles for us that seem real, but then he goes back to looking at the wall, and I start to freak out again.  Gah.  I know he's only one month old, but still.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Did I say a month? Make that four weeks.

Well, I thought I could get to Saturday on breastmilk alone (for Seb.astian, not for me -- though I hear breastmilk can be used for a variety of ailments), but I'm revising that to four weeks.  Which is today.  After bragging on here about his weight gain, it has dropped off a bit despite constant feeding, and so I think it's time to supplement.  Also, I can never leave the house because I'm always feeding or pumping, and I am neglecting my first child big-time.  So tonight, we start the formula chasers, at least until I get the donor milk.  I'm aiming for a 2/3 breastmilk, 1/3 formula split for the next month if I can swing it (and if my supply doesn't crash).  That should be possible since I am not going to drop any feedings or anything, but we'll see.

Today, I'm going to a new-moms group in my 'hood.  There's a local wine bar that has "wine and wh.iners" Wednesdays -- ie, you drink wine and bring your kid.  I haven't had a sip of booze in, oh, 10+ months, and I don't think I'll break down today, given that alcohol supposedly reduces supply (despite popular lore), but maybe next week.  I do love me some chardonnay.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Better than last time

Well, it may not be sustainable, but my feeding/pumping schedule has let me exclusively breastfeed Se.bastian for more than three weeks.  He's still gaining well, though I really need some sleep.  He was born at 8 lbs, 4oz.  His lowest weight was 7 lbs, 7oz (a nearly 10% loss).  He's now 9 lbs, 4oz, though I think that weight today might have been slightly inflated by a recent meal.  So let's say it was really 9 lbs, 2-3oz.  Much better than with Sor.en, who dropped a full pound, didn't gain and/or lost weight often in those first few weeks, and was already being supplemented by now.

That said, this is the result of feeding very often and pumping after all or almost all sessions, then feeding S. the pumped milk within 24 hours.  We're now trying to stretch out his pattern a bit, which he is totally up for -- it is HARD to get him to eat every two hours.  It just remains to be seen whether my boobs can maintain their supply with more time between feedings and pumping sessions. 

My goal now is to get him to one month (2/21) on my milk alone.  If I need to supplement with donor milk or formula at that point, then so be it.  I have an Internet friend who is going to send me 100-200 oz. of her excess milk, so that will be nice to have. keeps bringing home germs, and my main concern is to get Se.bastian through these first six to eight weeks with the best health possible.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Photographic evidence

Here's a photo of my little guy from today.  His thick rug has thinned out a bit but still looks like a baby toupee.  Admit it: he's cute.  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Attention, media

"Implant" is not a synonym for "transfer."  You'd think that the TV interviewers (Ann Curry) and publications (New York Times) would notice that whenever they talk to a fertility doctor or the octuplet mom herself, those people consistently say "transfer."  Transfer!  Transfer!  Gah.

Real update to come.

Friday, February 06, 2009


For the past week, I've been feeding at least 10 times a day and pumping for about 10 minutes after each feeding.  And this hard work paid off, at least for the moment, since Seba.stian was up 10 oz. over that week.  Since I'm taking every supplement known to man, I can't figure out exactly what caused this increased supply, but I think it might be the acupuncture.  Google "acupuncture" and "insufficient lactation" and you'll see studies and protocols.  Or maybe it was the More Milk Spe.cial Blen.d, which is the foulest-tasting shit on the planet and involves grain alcohol but which some people say works well on low-supplyers.  Or maybe it's the Meta.mucil, which -- I'm not joking -- one woman on the MOBI (Mothers Overcoming Breastfeeding Issues) board swears doubled her supply.  (I figured it couldn't hurt to take it.)  In any case, I can't keep up this schedule of feeding, so tonight we're going to let the little lad sleep a four-hour stretch and hope it doesn't foul up my supply.

I had my post-operative appointment this week and was pleased to find that all of that horrible reflux paid off.  You see, the reflux kept me from eating after 3pm most days, which meant I didn't gain that much weight.  And lo and behold -- it's all gone already.  Now, that doesn't mean I look normal -- I certainly do not.  But at least I don't have to worry about the actual poundage.  Then again, I think that with I was one of the few people who managed to gain weight while breastfeeding, so I shouldn't count my chickens, etc.  

Having two children under two is tiring because it requires man-to-man defense, but it isn't as bad as I would have thought. has rallied and is very interested in his baby brother, and we hope that his memory of the "before" time is fading away already.  

So, all in all, things are very good right now, even if I'm so tired I can barely string together a subject and a verb.  Stay tuned for more from the low-supply battlefront.....

Sunday, February 01, 2009

One step forward, two steps back

We weighed Se.bastian on the rented scale today, and he was back over 8 lbs.  Then, for no apparent reason, my supply dropped off a cliff.  What the fuck?  I was still nursing constantly, pumping, taking supplements, etc.  I hope it'll be back to the old level tomorrow.  I'm sure being stressed about it doesn't help.  My current goal is to keep him exclusively breastfed through Wednesday, which would be two weeks.  We can then supplement, though I'll keep up the nutso feeding/pumping schedule for another week to make sure I max out my supply, such as it is.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Trying everything

I think Seb.astian is better off, weight-wise, than was at this point.   He's gaining weight, though not quite at the pace he's supposed to.  Today, he was 7 lbs, 14 oz.  That's up 3 oz in four days.  It should really be 4 oz.  The pediatrician said he's not worried, that we should just see if his weight plateaus next week or the week after, and then we could think about supplementing if needed.  Regardless of whether we supplement, I plan to keep up my schedule of feeding/pumping for another couple of weeks because your supply is apparently more or less decided in the first three weeks.

To recap, here's what I'm doing to increase supply:
-- nursing 10 times a day
-- pumping 8-9 times a day after feedings
-- feeding Se.bastian the pumped milk
-- taking dom.peridone
-- taking fenu.greek
-- taking More M.ilk
-- taking goat's rue
-- taking lecit.thin (for plugged ducts)
-- taking acido.philus (to avoid thrush)
-- doing a series of acupuncture appointments designed to build supply
-- taking calcium and fish oil (for general health)

I am also supposed to be taking some gross Chinese herbs (per the acupuncturist), but I haven't tried them yet.  I think my liver might explode from all of the above-referenced supplements.

Aside from the feeding, however, I think child #2 is easier than child #1.  I'm not sure if the child himself is easier, but we just feel much less stressed out about the whole thing.  I will revise this opinion if he turns out colicky.  In all seriousness, I am enjoying this little baby honeymoon -- we hang out in our sunny bedroom most of the time, watching the DVD of the first season of "30" and reality TV.  The weather here in SF has been spectacular and springlike, so we take a little walk once a day.  My c-section recovery has been great.

And -- get this -- our newborn specialist (whom we used for a couple of weeks the last time) arrives on Tuesday for six weeks.  How's that for a bull-market decision?  We totally need that money now, but we already paid for her, so there you have it.  I will have to start my job search in earnest while she's here, though, since I hear it'll take at least six months.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No thrush!

Since we last spoke, an OB, the pediatrician, and another LC posited that I do not have thrush, and that the issue is, in fact, some crackage. So now I'm using this Mothe.rlove nipple cream and breast shells to try to heal the cracks. Seb.astian's latch got a high grade at the LC yesterday, so at least I know that our technique is good. The LC also gave me the OK to start the zillions of supplements I have on hand -- fenu.greek, More Mil.k, and dom.peridone. We are feeding every 1-2 hours during the day and every 2-3 at night. I pump after all but three sessions a day, and we feed that milk back to him.

The day we left the hospital, this seemed to be working since he had started gaining again, but he was back down an ounce at the pediatrician yesterday despite eating constantly the 24 hours prior. We go back on Friday to the ped, and if his weight isn't on track, then we will supplement, per the LC's instructions. My gut feel is that my supply is better this time, so we'll just see if it's enough better to go EBF.

Last night, we cobbled together enough sleep to feel human today. We may not get a repeat of that tonight, but it was much needed after a max of three hours total of interrupted sleep, which is what I've had the first five days. Last night, I think I got 4-5 in total, including from a nap this morning, and I feel SO much better right now. Good enough, in fact, to watch a marathon of "Ba.d Girls' Clu.b" on Oxygen. Out of self-respect, I've now moved on to "What No.t to Wea.r" on TLC.

Last night, we cobbled together enough sleep to feel human today. We may not get a repeat of that tonight, but it was much needed after a max of three hours total of interrupted sleep, which is what I've had the first five days. Last night, I think I got 4-5 in total, including from a nap this morning, and I feel SO much better right now. Good enough, in fact, to watch a marathon of "Ba.d Girls' Clu.b" on Oxygen. Out of self-respect, I've now moved on to "What No.t to Wea.r" on TLC. seems to be adjusting to his new life. When we came home on Sunday, he was napping, and so when he got up he found that the baby brother he'd met in the hospital twice was now here. I have to say I didn't expect this, but he just seemed so incredibly sad. It made me start to cry. Yesterday was better, and this morning he asked to see the baby. I hope he soon forgets that things were any different. My heart just broke for him on Sunday.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention about my c-section was that the OB used a glue instead of stitches or staples on me. I think it's called Derm.abond. Impressive shit! You can barely see the incision. I recommend asking for this if scarring is a concern. I had a big keloid scar before, and she cut that away and used this stuff this time around, which apparently should be much less visible.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


So I have thrush in my boobs already. Yikes! I saw the LC here at the hospital for what I thought was a garden-variety cracked nipple, and she said she's almost certain it's thrush. Let me say this: ouch.

Also, S keeps dropping weight. I am OK with supplementing while working on my supply. The LC will make a call about this tomorrow. Still pumping after every feeding. Milk is in, at least.

The LC said that if we caught the thrush early, it may go away relatively fast. Fingers crossed. I am such a breastfeeding catastrophe.

Friday, January 23, 2009


I forgot to mention that when I went in on Wednesday, they told me I was having contractions.  I had no idea.  I would notice a lot of movement from the baby, but I didn't realize that it was a contraction.  I'd been feeling that sort of thing for a couple of days, so presumably it was very early labor or prodromal labor or whatever it's called.  So I didn't totally miss out on the entire labor experience, I suppose.

We have finally decided on a name: Seb.astian  We just liked the first name, and Me.yer was my grandmother's maiden name.  Sore.n came by to meet him last night and did correctly identify him as "baby brother" but was far more interested in the free crackers and water available here.  Seb.astian slept through the whole visit.

I am now in pumping bootcamp again.  Like S.oren, Se.bastian is a natural eater with a great latch and a strong suck, which is all good, but my supply still seems to be lagging.  I am much less stressed by the whole thing this time, though.  If he has to get some supplementing early, then no big deal.  I will still work on maxing out my supply and breastfeeding as long as possible.   Awaiting a visit from the lactation consultant here.  Apparently, they focus on first-time mothers, but I am demanding assistance and advice as well.

Photos to come when my wireless connection improves....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where the babies have no name

Well, little #2 is here.  The c-section went very smoothly, and he is 8 lbs, 4 oz, the exact same weight as his older brother.  He does not, however, have a name yet.  We are working on it.  My husband is into springing last-minute ideas on me, which is an approach I do not sanction.  We hope to have a name and a photo by tomorrow.

He has even more hair than did, and it's dark.  No wonder my heartburn was so out of control.  I think he looks more like my husband, whereas looks much more like me.  He's been feeding well, though who knows if I'm providing well.  We'll find out soon enough about that, I suppose.  

In the meantime, I'm starving and very tired.  They won't let me eat anything until I fart.  I do not approve of this policy -- it was different in Iowa.

Thanks for all of the good wishes!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The final countdown

I've been running around all day, tying up loose ends and trying to make sure everything is done before F.ranz's debut.  We seem almost ready.  I am exhausted but can't eat anything after 4am, which means I may get up around then for a snack.  I have a cold (thanks,, but I'm hoping this won't majorly affect my surgery or recovery.  We have a few things to do in the morning before we get to the hospital, like mail off my dop.pler monitor, and then we're supposed to be in surgery at 12 noon Pacific time.  Wish us luck!

Monday, January 19, 2009

39w1d and feeling kind of funny

Is wooziness a sign of impending labor?  I've been feeling woozy the past day or so.  Maybe I need to eat more iron or protein or brand brownie bites.  I'm very much hoping not to be going into labor, however, since I still have much to accomplish.   We got some shelves built last week, which was a HUGE accomplishment, permitting us to unpack the remaining 16 boxes of books we had cluttering our home office.  My brother assembled our double stroller and fixed our coffee table yesterday, but I still need to do about 100 things.  I also would prefer that be born when we have a new president.  

My sleep has gone to shit the past couple of nights but will still, of course, be better than what is about to come.  My abdomen is suddenly WAY out in front of me -- the baby hasn't dropped, but I feel as if I am going to tip forward most of the time.  Shirts cannot contain my belly.  I feel empathy  for men with beer guts.

This morning, I got pulled over for apparently not stopping completely at a stop sign.  As usual, I did not try to get out of it, since I probably did it.  For once, though, this paid off -- the guy let me go without a ticket precisely because I did NOT deny it or ask for leniency.  It really must be the dawn of a new era here in America.

If I remember, I'll take a belly shot and upload it here later on.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No action at Ft. Cervix

I had my final OB appointment today before Fran.z's debut.  My cervix is still closed up tight, which is currently a plus, unlike during all of my embryo transfers.  My blood pressure was just lovely, and nothing has swollen up.  My weight has dropped, but the OB said not to be concerned by this because it is her opinion that most weight gain in the last month is due to swelling.  She said is still growing.  Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, I ate a huge lunch afterwards.  I ran into a couple of friends at the restaurant I went to, and they freaked me out about the whole kindergarten process here in San Francisco.  I'm hoping that the bizarre public-school allocation process here is fixed by the time S.oren needs to go to kindergarten.  They said that might actually happen.  I think I'll just put my head in the sand and hope that it does, since the cost of private school for 12 years would be impossible for us to manage.  If could even get in.

I also stopped by the main newborn/lactation center here and rented a Sy.mphony pump and an infant scale (hoping to avoid frequent trips to the pediatrician's office in Jan/Feb, when it is probably teeming with pneumonia and rotavirus germs), and I bought just about every feeding/pumping accessory and supplement you could possibly need.   I've been setting up's room and trying not to feel as if I am tempting fate by doing so.  I am always dismayed by women who feel confident enough to set up the nursery at like five months.  But maybe I should force myself to have that kind of confidence instead of indulging my superstitions.

Also, I saw a physician's assistant at the dermatologist, and she said the weird growth on my back was a skin tag.  She did, however, find a troublesome mole, so she removed both the tag and the mole and sent them off to the lab.  I feel relieved.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


If memory serves, I am much more worried about my c-section this time around.  I'm not sure exactly why -- maybe I feel as if I got lucky the first time with such a good recovery; maybe I've collected too many stories of adverse surgical outcomes (of any variety) to feel at ease.  Or maybe it's because I have a little boy now, and I don't want anything to happen to me.  

I am also a bit more nervous about meeting F.ranz.  I feel that I know less about him.  With S.oren, I had so many ultrasounds that even though we'd had the weird amnio result, I really felt that he was going to be normal in every respect, aside from maybe the possible clubfoot that the MFM doctors periodically speculated about (and which did not come to pass).  I had seen him open and close his eyes on ultrasound.  I had seen that he had a full head of hair.  Each month, I had been reassured that all body parts, internal and external, looked proper in their development.  But with, the last ultrasound I had was at 28 weeks, so who the hell knows what he's like?  I mean, gosh, only TWO level II ultrasounds?  How do normal people manage?  And let's not even talk about the olden days, when ultrasounds and amnios and so forth didn't exist.

One of my friends in real life is experiencing a difficult pregnancy.  She's about four weeks behind me.  She's 37, but her nuchal and blood screening results came back with such low odds of abnormalities (1 in 10,000) that she (very reasonably) didn't do a CVS or amnio.  But then she didn't seem to be growing right, so she's had a bunch of ultrasounds, and over time more and more soft markers have been coming up for various trisomies.  She's now had a fetal brain MRI and heart scan (I forget the name), and they're trying to determine whether something is really wrong or not.  And because she's dealing with specialists, they're hard to schedule, so she'll have a test and then have to wait a week or two to talk to them.  She goes in today to meet with someone about the most recent tests, so please keep your fingers crossed for her.  

Monday, January 12, 2009

Send good vibes to Nancy

Regular commenter and due-date pal Nancy just had her son, Karl (yay!), a bit early, but she unfortunately also had retained placenta and had to have emergency surgery.  Because of blood loss during surgery, she is getting a blood transfusion today.  Please send her good vibes, prayers, etc.  And donate blood if you're able to because someone else in the world will also need a transfusion soon.

Not much action to report here.  One of my real-life due-date pals just delivered early, too, so now I'm in even more of an organizational frenzy than before.  I also found a strange, large growth on the skin on my back.  I am thinking/hoping it's just one of those crazy pregnancy skin tags you hear about, but I'm seeing a dermatologist on Weds. just to make sure it isn't something bad.

We had our house professionally cleaned yesterday for the first time since we moved here, and it is incredible.  I almost don't want to eat or shower or collect the mail because any of those things will disrupt the perfect order of the place at present.  I'm 38w1d (for those of you keeping track at home).  Nine days until F.ranz's debut.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

37w2d and a mad, mad dog

My dog is pissed off. Why? Because we've had handymen, electricians, and other interlopers tromping through the house all day long. I suppose you could call this barrage of service calls "nesting," but as I've mentioned before, I think "nesting" is nothing more than "running out of time." It seems to be just the same feeling as when you've got a big work deadline approaching and you have to put the pedal to the metal. Or the petal to the medal, which is less effective. The angry hound is currently locked in the laundry room because he is about to lose his (rather small) mind.

I had an OB appointment today, and the cervix is still locked up tight, but the doctor pointed out that the baby's head is way down there. It's not engaged, she said, but he is no longer floating freely the way he used to, apparently. No weight gain, no swelling, good blood pressure, good fetal heartbeat, good fundal height. My appointments with this OB average about four minutes long, even at the end. It's different from the last time around. I've got a hospital tour scheduled for tonight, mainly so I can figure out if there's wireless access there and where they keep the Spr.ite and graham crackers. Vic.odin doesn't do me right if my tummy is empty. is completely hilarious these days, and I'm feeling preemptively nostalgic for being able to focus on him alone. He has hit the language explosion phase and spouts off sentences left and right. He got a haircut before Christmas and now looks like a little kid (vs. a baby). He persistently requests waffles at all hours of the day and, when told that waffles are only for breakfast, sometimes asks, "Wafflecake?" Whatever that is, it sounds delicious. And forbidden.