Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Did I say a month? Make that four weeks.

Well, I thought I could get to Saturday on breastmilk alone (for Seb.astian, not for me -- though I hear breastmilk can be used for a variety of ailments), but I'm revising that to four weeks.  Which is today.  After bragging on here about his weight gain, it has dropped off a bit despite constant feeding, and so I think it's time to supplement.  Also, I can never leave the house because I'm always feeding or pumping, and I am neglecting my first child big-time.  So tonight, we start the formula chasers, at least until I get the donor milk.  I'm aiming for a 2/3 breastmilk, 1/3 formula split for the next month if I can swing it (and if my supply doesn't crash).  That should be possible since I am not going to drop any feedings or anything, but we'll see.

Today, I'm going to a new-moms group in my 'hood.  There's a local wine bar that has "wine and wh.iners" Wednesdays -- ie, you drink wine and bring your kid.  I haven't had a sip of booze in, oh, 10+ months, and I don't think I'll break down today, given that alcohol supposedly reduces supply (despite popular lore), but maybe next week.  I do love me some chardonnay.


TLB said...

I would donate breastmilk, but my supply has also dropped off a cliff lately. Or maybe Libs is just eating me out of house and home. But I'm glad you found an alternate source, and I know you take excellent care of both your little guys.

I hope we get to meet Sebas*tian soon.

(my verification word is nomill, which is very close to "no milk." eerie.)

nancy said...

That's totally okay! Supplementing a bottle here and there is NO big deal! The fact he's still getting breastmilk at all is SO good!