Sunday, March 01, 2009

How do people have more than two kids?

I mean, sure, maybe you get better at managing the chaos created by many children, but how do you handle the germ transmission?  I mentioned in my last post that Se.bastian was sick -- well, it turns out it's RSV.  I've been having to take him to the pediatrician every day for a checkup, but that's at least better than having him in the hospital.  He's lost a pound and his sleeping has gone to hell.  I've since heard from several friends that their second or third babies ended up in the hospital when they got RSV at a young age (from an older kid in the house).  Yikes.  FYI, you're supposed to take your baby to the doctor immediately if they get a cough.  And the treatment Se.bastian is getting now involves two things through a nebulizer.  He should get better this week, according to the doctor, though it could linger.  Meanwhile, has some other virus that is causing a fever -- I hope we avoid that in Seb.astian.  We are keeping them far, far apart and hoping that I am immune to whatever has.

I'm on zi.thromax for an ear infection and taking many anti-thrush precautions, such as probiotics galore.  Also, I change my nursing tanks frequently and wash off my chest with vinegar, causing me to smell vaguely like salad at all times.  Well, salad on top of maple syrup, since I am also taking fen.ugreek.  In short, I am a joy to behold -- and smell.

But in other news, Seb.astian is making lots of intense eye contact and even smiling from time to time, so my postpartum OCD/anxiety levels have dropped.  For that, I am extremely thankful and will happily deal with sick offspring.


Jess said...

I think you just get stupider and stupider after two kids...I mean, really, why else would I even THINK of doing this stuff again???

Really. Kids rot your brain. So you forget about important details like, oh, GERMS and CRAZY and think things like "why NOT?!"


Hope everyone is well soon!!

KandiB said...

I like salad. I like maple syrup. It could be worse, right? Sorry everyone is feeling so crappy...but glad the little guy is making more eye contact. I'm guessing you're breathing a little easier. Cheers!

MMS said...

I just found your blog. I'm at the very beginning of a FET for our 2nd baby. I'm so encouraged that you conceived via FET. Sometimes, I really struggle thinking that a frozen baby could de-thaw and be OK. :) You can check out my musings at Thanks for sharing . . .