Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An actual, verifiable source of worry

So So.ren is a little germ factory (or, more accurately, carrier).  He has had one cold after another all winter long because he goes to this indoor rec center with his nanny and the other kid in the sharecare, which, from a germ perspective, is maybe one step removed from daycare.  Well, he infected me with this latest cold, which gave me an ear infection and a cough.  

I thought my magical breastmilk would prevent Se.bastian from getting sick, but no luck.  He's now a sick little guy, coughing and wheezing and being really tired and not really eating much.  We've been to the doctor three times in 24 hours (on their advice -- I'm not THAT crazy) to get him checked.  He's taking lev.albut.erol from a nebulizer, and we're now adding some steroid to that plan.  If he gets worse, the next thing is the hospital, where they can give him oxygen.  

I'm not really sure how we could have prevented this, since I can't not touch So.ren when he's sick, you know?

In other news, I definitely have a bigger milk supply this time.  For one feeding at night, I've started just pumping (while someone else gives the baby a bottle of pumped milk and/or formula), and I am getting six or seven ounces then, after not feeding/pumping for four hours.  I did this with So.ren, too, and would only get three or four after not pumping/feeding for six to eight hours.  So wahoo!  Something is working.  It's hard to say what since I am taking 947 supplements, doing acupuncture, eating various alleged lactogenic foods, etc.

Also, I broke down and had a little booze the other day at an Oscars party.  Ahh, champagne.  So refreshing.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope you are all on the mend soon.

Jess said...

Oh dear...I hope that you can avoid the hospital. A sick (new esp) baby is so awful!

Our first winter was awful with Ethan, too....and this one has been much much better. It sucks because the hard first cold season is always when they are youngest and most fragile.

I hope everyone is better asap!

KandiB said...

Poor babies. All sick. That's always a big worry of mine. And three times to the Drs in 24 hours? Oooof.

Isabel said...

Sorry, hope you guys get some relief.

Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD said...

Grrr, girl. Git some followers.