Monday, January 12, 2009

Send good vibes to Nancy

Regular commenter and due-date pal Nancy just had her son, Karl (yay!), a bit early, but she unfortunately also had retained placenta and had to have emergency surgery.  Because of blood loss during surgery, she is getting a blood transfusion today.  Please send her good vibes, prayers, etc.  And donate blood if you're able to because someone else in the world will also need a transfusion soon.

Not much action to report here.  One of my real-life due-date pals just delivered early, too, so now I'm in even more of an organizational frenzy than before.  I also found a strange, large growth on the skin on my back.  I am thinking/hoping it's just one of those crazy pregnancy skin tags you hear about, but I'm seeing a dermatologist on Weds. just to make sure it isn't something bad.

We had our house professionally cleaned yesterday for the first time since we moved here, and it is incredible.  I almost don't want to eat or shower or collect the mail because any of those things will disrupt the perfect order of the place at present.  I'm 38w1d (for those of you keeping track at home).  Nine days until F.ranz's debut.


Jess said...

Yay for a clean house!!

GOOD LUCK with Franz' delivery!! Soon soon soon!!

nancy said...

awww, thank you so much!!! :)