Saturday, February 21, 2009

Insult to injury

We had the housecleaners here today, and they poured out the breastmilk I had just pumped.  (I keep the bottles/horns out for two or three pumping sessions before refrigerating the milk and washing the accessories.)  When I asked where they were, the cleaner said she had poured it out because "it was only a little."  A little for her, maybe!  Anyway, since we are already supplementing a few ounces a day with formula, this did not send me into convulsions.  If this had happened last week, I would have broken down and cried and perhaps not stopped until placed into an induced coma.

In other news, I am freaking myself out about the fact that Seb.astian doesn't make much eye contact.  I think it's improving (ie, he does more and more each day), but I consulted Dr. Google on all kinds of autism-related queries, and now I'm totally insane with worry.  I think that perhaps I need to (a) step away from the Internet and (b) see some sort of professional about my tendency to work myself up over medical things.  In the meantime, it would be nice if my little boy would start gazing at me lovingly and with massive smiles all the time.  I recall doing this with S.oren, too, but I think he started smiling shortly thereafter, and my fears were assuaged.  Se.bastian has broken out a few smiles for us that seem real, but then he goes back to looking at the wall, and I start to freak out again.  Gah.  I know he's only one month old, but still.


TLB said...

He's so little! Don't worry about it yet. I seem to recall that it took Libs about a month to smile and make eye contact. I'm sure Sebastian is fine.

Jess said...

Oh don't worry about him yet! He's SO young! Smiling in our cases took right around a month, month and a half...I'm sure he'll get there soon. His eyesight can't be that great yet, anyhow!

Ugh to the cleaners pouring out the milk! egads! Even if it WAS a little you have to ASK!

Thalia said...

Average age of first smile = 6 weeks. Pob didn't gaze lovingly at me, either, for a long time, and I remember taking her to gymboree (which is an activity thing here, not a shop) and she'd spend her whole time looking at the other babies. She shows no sign of autism now!

Do stop worrying about this, he's tiny and it will come soon.

statia said...

From someone who's been there, you're going to worry, because that's your job. But really, he IS too young to be worrying if he's on the spectrum yet. You have plenty of time to teach him social cues.

What I'm trying to say is Woman, back away from google and redirect your anxiety by bitch slapping that woman who dumped your breastmilk.