Sunday, February 15, 2009

Better than last time

Well, it may not be sustainable, but my feeding/pumping schedule has let me exclusively breastfeed Se.bastian for more than three weeks.  He's still gaining well, though I really need some sleep.  He was born at 8 lbs, 4oz.  His lowest weight was 7 lbs, 7oz (a nearly 10% loss).  He's now 9 lbs, 4oz, though I think that weight today might have been slightly inflated by a recent meal.  So let's say it was really 9 lbs, 2-3oz.  Much better than with Sor.en, who dropped a full pound, didn't gain and/or lost weight often in those first few weeks, and was already being supplemented by now.

That said, this is the result of feeding very often and pumping after all or almost all sessions, then feeding S. the pumped milk within 24 hours.  We're now trying to stretch out his pattern a bit, which he is totally up for -- it is HARD to get him to eat every two hours.  It just remains to be seen whether my boobs can maintain their supply with more time between feedings and pumping sessions. 

My goal now is to get him to one month (2/21) on my milk alone.  If I need to supplement with donor milk or formula at that point, then so be it.  I have an Internet friend who is going to send me 100-200 oz. of her excess milk, so that will be nice to have. keeps bringing home germs, and my main concern is to get Se.bastian through these first six to eight weeks with the best health possible.

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nancy said...

VERY smart due to the daycare situation. My girls too. But fortunately, I have a natural supply. GOOD for you though! Congrats!