Saturday, January 24, 2009


So I have thrush in my boobs already. Yikes! I saw the LC here at the hospital for what I thought was a garden-variety cracked nipple, and she said she's almost certain it's thrush. Let me say this: ouch.

Also, S keeps dropping weight. I am OK with supplementing while working on my supply. The LC will make a call about this tomorrow. Still pumping after every feeding. Milk is in, at least.

The LC said that if we caught the thrush early, it may go away relatively fast. Fingers crossed. I am such a breastfeeding catastrophe.


msf said...

but i wasn't even there! all kidding aside, i'm so sorry! i hope it clears up soon.

Jess said...

Eww, thrush in the nips! very very suck! I had that with Ethan and it was awwwful. Glad they caught it early. Putting nystatin on it, are you? Good luck!!

K77 said...

Hope it's gone soon.

nancy said...

Oh boy. I didn't know thrush was painful. that sucks. The first 2 weeks of breastfeeding is painful enough on it's own, I'm so sorry you have something on top of that!

I love the name you picked out! Simply gorgeous name. Really.

You mentioned your supply - it's only been 4 days, right? With my 1st two babies, my milk took a full 5 days to come in. Maybe that's all it is? Drink lots of water to help.

Heather said...

I'm curious to hear what the LC says. I've heard to never supplement because that will affect your supply going up. Hell, what do I know.

Also, Katherine lost weight in the hospital too - we had to go back every day for jaundice checks after we left the hospital - she starting gaining weight back three days after birth.

I hope you caught the thrush and can get rid of it.

T-bone said...

Oh my goodness! Here's to hoping the thrush clears up fast. Or goes away, or up and leaves for good without even a drunken midnight phone call, or whatever it is that thrush does.