Sunday, February 01, 2009

One step forward, two steps back

We weighed Se.bastian on the rented scale today, and he was back over 8 lbs.  Then, for no apparent reason, my supply dropped off a cliff.  What the fuck?  I was still nursing constantly, pumping, taking supplements, etc.  I hope it'll be back to the old level tomorrow.  I'm sure being stressed about it doesn't help.  My current goal is to keep him exclusively breastfed through Wednesday, which would be two weeks.  We can then supplement, though I'll keep up the nutso feeding/pumping schedule for another week to make sure I max out my supply, such as it is.


Thalia said...

Are you sure your supply dropped and not that his suck improved so the pump is getting less? not sure how you're measuring things.

Sweetie, you must also be exhausted. Worth dropping maybe 1 of those pumping sessions to get slightly more sleep for 1 night? Do you think they make all the difference? I don't know so forgive me if I'm being unhelpful.

nancy said...

Did you have such BFing troubles with your first?