Friday, September 08, 2006

A quick update

Well, I toted a cup of my own urine into the clinic today, and they tested it there. (They don't do a beta straight off unless you get a positive on the pee test or are merely demanding.) The nurse said it was a "very strong" result - the dot indicating pregnancy was darker than the control dot. The beta results should be back later this morning. I was given the option of calling the secret-agent hotline or having the nurse call me. I at first said I'd call the hotline, but then I realized that I'd have to wait until 3pm, whereas the nurse could call me when the results came back, which would be much sooner.

There will be a follow-up beta on Monday, then, if that goes all right, an ultrasound on 9/29. If the betas don't look right, then they'll do an ultrasound sooner, I guess to look for an ectopic.

Stay tuned......

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