Thursday, September 07, 2006


Here are the sticks I have peed on. Starting from the rear (against the wall) and moving forward in time:
- F@ctPlus, yesterday morning (FMU)
- F@ctPlus, yesterday at work
- F@ctPlus, yesterday evening
- FRER, yesterday evening (to see if brand mattered)
- FRER, this morning (FMU)
- W@lgreens this morning (another brand check)
- F@ctPlus, this afternoon

Yep, that's seven. At approximately $6 a test (if you get a deal), that's $42 that could have been spent on three articles of clothing from Old Navy (among other, more altruistic alternatives).


Emmie said...

I can't wait to hear the beta tomorrow. I'll drag my laptop into bed with me after transfer!

TLB said...

yes, please update with beta news ASAP. Brando and I and the cats are dying for some good news around here.

VanillaDreams said...

Just in case you might not already know this -- Fact Plus and Clear Blue and "generic store brand" +/- tests are all made by the same manufacturing company, so they are all actually the same test. ;)

Anyway, those lines are looking DARK already -- so WOOHOO!!!! I bet your beta is going to come back awesome!!

Can't wait to hear -- when do you think you'll have the results by? (so I can "stalk" your blog!! LOL) ;D


VanillaDreams said...

Oh yeah...and I was also going to say....Do you ever remove the absorbent ends from the tests? I always do (they just pull out easily), I find it helps "preserve" the test, so the lines don't fade, nor does the test turn yellow, or get an "old pee" smell to them. LOL Just a tip! ;)

My Reality said...

Love the pics!