Saturday, September 02, 2006


No sore boobs
No cramps
No weird smells
No pricks in the belly
No more flatulence than is, unfortunately, usual
No highlighter-yellow pee
No fatigue

(Those of you who have read early-pregnancy-symptoms message boards will know what I'm talking about.)

I would have hoped my excellent, hatched, 6-day blast could have burrowed in by now. Yes, it's probably early, but no, I can't stop wondering about it.


TeamWinks said...

How much longer do we have to wait?

Midwestern Deadbeat said...

Yes, how much longer? (You don't have to answer that.)

And, I am so hoping for some sore boobs and some cramping and some day-glo pee. For you, of course, heh.

Much love,

My Reality said...

I hope you find something soon. The waiting is agony.

I know what all of those symptoms mean except for the highlighter-yellow pee. What is that supposed to mean? For me, bright yellow pee is a daily occurance from my B vitamin. Are you going to teach me something new today? I do like to learn new things.

Motel Manager said...

Hello, gals.

Teamwinks, we have to wait until Friday for the official test, but I'm sure I'll POAS before. I shall post the negative as soon as it officially occurs! Yes, I'm pessimistic.

My Reality, I'm not sure what the highlighter-yellow pee signifies, but I've seen that listed on early-pregnancy-symptoms posts. Maybe your body is getting rid of extra toxins or something?

TLB said...

Honey, I am not pessimistic. You could have none of those and still be pg.

Thalia said...

Iit's only day 10 today, by my reckoning (you said last monday was day 3) so as you well know, even today is WAY too early to have any symptoms. I know its insanity producing, but give it a couple more days...

Hope548 said...

Hang in there! Try not to read too much into what is or isn't happening. I've heard of late implanters before, but also, everyone's body is different and we are certainly not textbook.

Emmie said...

I have a good feeling about this one. Soon, your sarcasm and wit will be leading us through the trials of early pregnancy, I just know it. Hang in there and know I'm hoping for you!

steph said...

OK. So I'm floundering around and reading another post which comments on good news people. Decidedly needing some good news from somewhere, I check in to your blog. Decide to scan and find the one in which you find out you're pg and happen upon this post.

I just had 3 embies implanted last Thursday and Monday is the first test. I apologize I suck at the IF lingo most are using, so I have long explanations (0:

Point is, I was shocked, and I mean jaw hanging shocked, to read the list of 'no's' your were experiencing. I initially read this as "I'm not preggo because I DO have these things", which made sense. Now reading these are signs of BEING pg I am freaking out. I have had all of these symptoms the last few days and have convinced myself it means none of the three took. Now I am freaking out again!!!!!

Where the hell do you find these lists of symptoms???? I OBVIOUSLY need some review and thought revision!!!!!

OK. done freaking out (for now). congrats on the pregnancy and I hope you are able to handle all the sickness! After all it took to get here it's gotta be annoying.