Friday, September 15, 2006


Last night, for the first time, I dreamed about my REs. There are five REs and two fellows at my clinic, and while they did not all appear in my dream, they were all implicated. I always find it disturbing to dream about someone for the first time; it seems to be some kind of official signifier that they have entered your consciousness. It is probably disturbing to you the first time that someone inflicts one of their dreams on you. So be it.

Anyway, in my dream, I was in the clinic, being seen by the pregnant RE. We had wrapped up whatever violations of my person would generally occur in the clinic, and she said, "So how are you?" And I said, staring at her pregnant belly, "Oh, I'm just worn out by being infertile." Then, thinking that she would assume I was passive-aggressively comparing myself to her, I generously added, "But of course you know that, given that this is your job and you have to see people like us every day."

And then she started speaking vaguely but nonetheless pointedly. She observed that there was a blog out there that talked about she and her colleagues and the clinic generally, and I totally knew that she knew (and she knew I knew) that I was the writer of said blog. She said, "It's clear that we are being discussed on this blog, and it makes us sad." Sad! It made them sad! I admitted no culpability, but later in the dream I found myself dumping pages and pages of paper into a trash can, which was the way you deleted posts in my dream Internet, okay?

Anyway, I was greatly relieved when I awoke.

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Meg said...

I bet you bloody were... some dreams can be so vivid.

I'm glad to hear the next beta came out so good, MM. That's great x