Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Less textbook

Okay, I really feel like shit. Like, I awoke out of a dream last night, about to vomit in my bed. This repeated itself several times. I can't drink liquids or keep food down with much success. I am only exaggerating slightly when I say that if I had a terminal illness and were experiencing these feelings, I would very strongly consider ending all treatment and asking for a big dose of morphine.

I bought some Sea-Bands today. Let's hope they help. Bllllleah.


spark said...

Yikes! Hope the seaband works!!

Jane said...

Ugh, I hope it improves. Sour Patch Kids!

Motel Manager said...

I went to the hospital today (to the clinic), and they've given me some prescriptions for phen3rgan and vaginal es7race. Yee haw. I am to take two days off from work, then see how I feel. If I still can't keep anything down, I will be admitted into the hospital.

This totally, totally sucks.

VanillaDreams said...

I also tried the anti-nausea wrist bands the first time I was pregnant....they didn't really work for me...But I hope they work for you!

Have you tried acupuncture for nausea? I've heard good things about that.

Hope you feel better soon!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Aw, your poor ol' thing! I would recommend my nausea therapy--bland carbs, and lots of 'em--but I'm guessing the very thought of food might make you puke. So I will only extend my sympathy.

(Oh, and pssst--I'm fixing to work on my assignment right now!)

TLB said...

Feel better soon.

bihari said...

Oh poor, poor you! How utterly wretched! Is there anything worse than nausea? Except vomiting? Here's hoping the Phenergan works--if it doesn't, demand Zofran, which is what they use with chemo patients and also sometimes with hyperemesis, I believe. And if you do end up getting admitted, the plus side is that the IV's often make you feel much better very quickly, and the meds go in very efficiently.

Geez! You and Charlotte Bronte!