Thursday, September 07, 2006

And miles to go before I stop POAS.

A urinepalooza has been occurring chez nous, and it has involved numerous brands of sticks. I would not call the positives outrageously dark, but they remain persuasive. I am incredibly curious as to what the beta will be tomorrow, and I also wonder whether I will get to call the secret-agent hotline for the results. Maybe I'll make a special request to do so.

Now that I've seen a +, I am scanning myself for symptoms constantly. As you probably deduced from my post on symptoms (and "symptoms"), I can psychosomatically cause myself to feel just about anything, so my analysis is not reliable.

In other news, our dog has learned how to jump in the car. (Before, we had to pick him up, and he's about 55 lbs.) This is a major development, and Cesar Millan would be proud of us.


Hope548 said...

That is so cool! I hope the positives get darker and darker. It's early yet. Can't wait to hear the beta numbers tomorrow! Hang in there!

Jane said...

When I POAS one and two days before my (positive -- with twins, for God's sake) blood test, the second line was decidedly lighter than the control, and that was with what was considered one of the most sensitive tests on the market. With twins!

What's really fun is POAS after you know you're pregnant (if you have one left over) and the thing practically explodes in your hand.

I'm so excited and hopeful for you!

My Reality said...

Your secret-agent hotline sounds so cool. I might have to change clinics (and move) so I can call it too.

I guess it is true, you often don't have any symptoms when you get a positive test. Quit squeezing your boobs, they will eventually hurt on their own!

Good luck tomorrow with your beta and huge congrats to your pup for his great accomplishment!

VanillaDreams said...

It's so much fun POAS when you KNOW it's going to be positive, right?!!? I love that never gets boring seeing those double lines, or + signs, whatever. ;)

Very excited to find out about your beta numbers! Please post as soon as you can!!

As an aside, our pup recently learned to jump in the car a few weeks ago, all by herself...but she is only about 12 pounds and not quite 4 months old. ;)

I can't imagine trying to lift a 55 lb dog!! Scarlett is getting taller and leggier and heavier everyday, so I am complaining daily that she getting more and more difficult to pick up and lug around!

Take care,

spark said...

WOW!!! I wish I checked in yesterday for the big news!!!!! Congratulations for the positive HPTs and can't wait to hear the official news tomorrow!!!!