Friday, May 02, 2008

T minus one week (fingers crossed)

I had my ultrasound and pre-op appointment this morning.

Lining: 8mm and on target.
Antral follicles: 25 (not sure why they track this in an FET, but I do like to know)
Cysts: 1, but it isn't big enough to worry about (allegedly) and should go away with my increased es.trogen intake.

My PIO shots start Sunday. I say that as if they will just start on their own. Hardly!

I also reserved a spot next month among the fresh cyclers in case this one doesn't work out. If it doesn't work out, though, I might still cancel the fresh, but I thought I should go ahead and have that as an option before we move. Also, as I've mentioned, I do love that twilight anesthesia they give you at ER.

Today, and I are driving to Chicago to meet up with my husband, see some friends, and, on the way home, go to IK.EA. Good times!


Jess said...

Hope things continue to go well!!

Have fun on your mini trip!!

Anonymous said...

They are crossed!

singletracey said...

One week!!! PIO shots to self.. not so bad. I do it in my thigh. One night the left thigh, the next night the right thigh. It really isn't so bad. I have perfected it...

1. Fill the syringe. I use a 1 inch needle on my thighs.. but I am not a skinny girl so if your tiny, you may need a smaller needle than that!

2. Go to bathroom, close door (so animals don't come bug me)

3. Open band-aid and have readily available. Get a tissue. Sit on the floor and have these items, along with your alcohol swab and needle around you. Legs straight in front of you.

4. Obviously, clean area. Let alcohol dry or it burns like MOFO. Pinch insert and slowly slowly depress. Hold for a count of 20. I find 10 not long enough and I get PIO oozing out.

5. Pull out needle and grab tissue and massage vigorously for a good 20 or 30 seconds. I find this helps to eliminate lumpiness and oozing.

5. Cover with band-aid and you are DONESKI!

Hope that helps some!!!

Bella said...

That sedation is far and away my favorite paert of IVF. Still, I hope you don't need it!Good luck!