Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy birthday and progesterone dreams is one year old today! He is feeling much better after being on antibiotics for his eye discharge and ear infection for a few days. His babysitter brought him this amazing scrapbook of his first year. I teared up because I'm a mess of (artificial) hormones these days.

Speaking of artificial hormones, I have been having insane progesterone dreams lately - I'd forgotten about them. I am feeling no symptoms and am afraid to POAS, though I want to do so before my beta on Monday. I'm in a buddy group on a message board online (yep, I still do that shit) for people who did FETs around the same time, and a woman who did hers the same day as mine POAS this morning and got a BFP. Last time, I did an HPT 6dp5dt, which would be tomorrow. I doubt I'll do it.

I think I would have preferred to test on Friday or Saturday since my husband will be here, but we're hosting parties both of those days, and I don't feel like wallowing in self-pity while hosting. Then again, maybe I should POAS so that I can booze it up if I get a BFN. Actually, that won't really work - it wouldn't be appropriate to get totally bombed at either of these events, since one is a graduation reception and one is's first birthday party. Sigh.

And I don't really want to POAS on Sunday, since my parents will still be in town, and I haven't filled them in on the current cycle. But maybe I'll do it on Sunday anyway since my husband will be in town. Or maybe Monday morning before the blood test. Anyway, stay tuned.


Thalia said...

happy birthday soren!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,!

statia said...

Happy Birthday! It went fast didn't it?

I love your POAS logic. Like, you're talking yourself out of it. Let's see if you actually hold out.

I managed to with the Mini. It was the only time I didn't succumb and actually didn't really want to.

Jess said...

LOL at the poas talk. Hahaha!! I hope you get good news, whenever it happens.

Happy Birthday to Soren (well, I guess as of now it was yesterday, but it's just late/early and we're still up)!! We're doing Ava's first bday party on Sat. too!

Heidi said...

Oh, just do it.

Easy for me to say, I know. My reasoning for early testing was that (a) a negative didn't really mean anything, since it was early, and/but (b) even though I'd still be plagued by the "am I or am I not?" question, I wouldn't also have "should I or shouldn't I?" to preoccupy me. The whole matter would just be off the table for the rest of the day.

We enjoyed the IVF reunion on Saturday, and I was also a little choked up by the first speaker ... those tears soon to be dispelled by the longwinded poem-reading grateful dad (bless his heart, but wasn't there something about "sparkle dust" in there???). Thought I might recognize Soren if I saw him, thus you, but there were more cute blond one-year-olds than you could shake a pee stick at.

Happy birthday, and all phalanges still crossed for you.

Motel Manager said...

Heidi, that grateful dad almost killed me. My husband and I guessed that they had told him he could talk for five minutes, which is a HUGE mistake when you're giving time to speakers, because five minutes seems ample to them, and then they go on for 10-15. They should have told him he had 90 seconds, and then he would have talked for 2-3 minutes.

TLB said...

Happy Birthday to the little man--sorry I'm going to miss the festivities this weekend. Also, if you need someone to bitch at/with about POASing, you know where to find me.

Helen said...

I for one remain REALLY hopeful for you!