Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beta #2

The results are in. Beta #2 was 636. They needed it to be at least 448, so this looks good. While the beta is on the high-ish side for a singleton (according to the oracle, Betabase), the doubling time is right on the median for this range: 37.84 hours. That all sounds good to me.

Next stop: ultrasound on 6/9. I felt queasy yesterday (but a different kind of queasy than last time -- this one was more of the needing-to-eat-constantly kind of queasy vs. the food-equals-feces kind of queasy of fall '06), but I feel fine today. Well, not totally fine, since a certain one-year-old decided to indulge in a few screaming episodes last night, during which I ran out of options and just played with him from 11pm to midnight. Anyway, I'm glad to feel okay today since I would have been extra-bummed to get HG at 4w2d.

I have felt some waves of something going on in my entire abdominal region, and sometimes I feel woozy when I bend over or stand up. Also, I am feeling extremely emotional, but that could just be because my life is on the stressful side these days and I'm about to move away from a place I like a lot. But I got all teary thinking about Ted Kennedy's brain tumor, which I might do normally, but, really, I am on the verge of losing it at any news, good or bad, and at any gesture in my direction, either compliments or slights.

Other than that, not much to report, except that I feel incredibly, incredibly lucky.


TLB said...

Again, I say, whoooo-hooo! That's really great. The constant needing to eat queasiness is definitely better than the food-is-feces queasiness. Here's hoping HG doesn't find you at all this time.

I know how you feel about moving away. I still think of the old town as "home" and won't be surprised if I end up back there someday.

We'll have a real celebration when I see you next weekend.

Jess said...


singletracey said...

WHOOOHOOO.. just catching up after vacation and I am SOO happy for you!

Heather said...

That does seem high for a singleton! *wink wink*

nancy said...

Congrats!!! yay!!!

I'm yet to feel much of anything. Some cramping (normal) and some pulling (normal) but that's it. My hcg was only 1073 today, so we'll see as it gets high. I didn't get m/s until 7w last time. What about you? How was it the first time?