Monday, April 28, 2008

Misery loves company, and there ain't none's molars appear to be breaking through - he's been SHRIEKING since about 8:30pm. I've given him ibupro.fen, ora.jel, and a bottle. Each seems to help, but not for long. This is when it would be especially nice to have my husband here, even if both of us ended up staying up all night.

When we were in California back in October, we were staying with some friends who had a then-11-month-old who had molars coming in. I guess he was shrieking, too, so they'd put him in another room and let him scream (after comforting him a few times and giving him ibuprofen) until he'd pass out. They are experienced parents. They also have a big house. I don't think that plan is going to work for me for both mental (too afraid to NOT listen to him) and logistical (house not big enough to sequester screams) reasons.

At times like these, I remind myself how much I wanted him. It does seem to help. I think that if I'd had a baby easily, I would ONLY complain instead of complaining and then having a reality check. Hey, something infertility is good for!

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Jess said...


But complaining is ok, you know. It's your right, even if you DID want him! :)

Teeth blow. We sometimes have to let Ava cry it out. It sucks, but...what do you do? Our house is big enough to muffle but not enough that you REALLY can't hear, so I feel relatively safe doing it. Maybe just a couple rooms away will work for you?

Good luck! lol