Monday, May 12, 2008

20th anniversary party

The 20th anniversary party for the IVF clinic was very enjoyable. I found myself tearing up while one of the doctors - who's been there since the beginning - talked about infertility and all of the milestones they've reached at the clinic (such as pioneering elective single embryo transfers).

Here's some coverage of it - interestingly, there is a companion piece in which the reporter who covered the party reveals that she was one of the first IVF babies born in the state. I will be interested (and probably maddened) to see what comments get posted on this story and in other local stories.

As far as the blastocyst-on-board goes, I am experiencing zero symptoms. I feel like my normal self, albeit a very tired version of my normal self since developed conjunctivitis and possibly an ear infection yesterday and was up off and on all night. I haven't been able to scan in my blastocyst photo, but it looks something like this (image swiped from here). I'm a little afraid that I overdid it on Saturday, what with the IVF party and taking the dog for a walk and hosting a dinner party, but, of course, fertile people would do all of that plus drink a gallon of malt liquor, go skateboarding, and put in a few hours on the third shift at a uranium-enrichment facility.


Jess said...

I'm sure you didn't overdo it.

With my first IVF and also the first FET I stayed down the WHOLE two weeks. The second? I was up planting flowers, getting ready for Ava's arrival, going to the hospital to see her birth, and then lugging her around. THAT cycle worked. So I'm sure you're fine!! :)

Good luck!! Glad the party was fun!

Flmgodog said...

Thinking good thoughts for you and I didn't realize that you lived so close until I read that article.

I actually know the couple in that article AND I know that baby. Amazing what a small world it is.

Mason said...

We had a good time, too, and we were really impressed with the new clinic.

Thanks for linking to the local coverage. I did cringe, however, when I saw the caption that said "IFV Patient" in the video.