Monday, May 05, 2008


For some reason, the word 'thaw' never comes to my mind first when I'm thinking about the FET process; instead, I think 'unfreeze.' And for some reason, I can't stop myself from thinking it or, sometimes, saying it. Weird.

Anyway, I think my little embryos, frozen in the pronuclear stage at day one, are being THAWED today. Cross your fingers for their little embryo selves make it through and start growing like gangbusters. And keep those fingers crossed that at least one of them is a breathtakingly beautiful blastocyst on Friday.

Our weekend in Chicago was fun, and, worn out from our visit to IK.EA on the way home yesterday, slept for three hours in the car. He occasionally squawked or moved so I knew he was still alive and didn't have to pull over to check. My husband gave me my first PIO shot yesterday, and I successfully gave myself the second one this morning. I keep forgetting whether I've taken my Es.trace, so then I take another one, which means there have been some days where I've probably taken four instead of three. Let's hope this doesn't matter.


Heidi said...

I've had the same problem with the estrace--it became so automatic that I honestly couldn't remember sometimes if I'd taken it. There's probably some reason why you're not already doing this, but my solution was to get one of those pill dispensers with a compartment for each day of the week and load it with the appropriate number of pills for each day. Then, if I couldn't remember whether or not I'd taken a pill, I could generally figure it out by looking at that day's compartment.

This time around, I don't have that problem, since they've got me on delestrogen instead. You don't forget a shot in the butt.

Best wishes on your Friday transfer. I've got all fingers and toes crossed.

Your neighbor a few blocks to the west

TLB said...

Wheee! Grow, little embies. Make So*ren a sibling.

Mason said...

At least "unfreeze" makes sense. It's not like you say "unthaw" or "dethaw."

Good luck on Friday. May all your embryos be excellent blasts!

-Another supportive townie.

Motel Manager said...

Thanks, fellow townies (and former townie TLB)! Mason, I just looked at your blog and must say that our tastes in music and books are quite similar. We were at that Andrew Bird concert, too. stayed at home.

Either of you locals going to the big IVF par-tay on Saturday? We'll be there.

Mason said...

That's interesting that we like some of the same music and books. I bet there's a correlation between good taste and infertility.

We'll be at the IVF party. In case you hadn't heard, there's going to be a giant inflatable slide.

Best of luck tomorrow. We'll be thinking about you.