Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ever forget your own birthday?

Yesterday was my birthday (36), and, boy, was it a non-event. I worked my ass off all day and didn't eat lunch. Local pal MSF did bring me some delicious takeout from our favorite restaurant for dinner.

We put in an offer on a place in San Francisco in our old neighborhood, Potrero Hill. I don't think we'll get it because the asking price was at the very top of our range and the realtor thought it would go over. Still, stay tuned. It's big (1900 sqft) for that area and price range and was mostly redone in 2006. It's on a kind of busy street and at the edge of the residential part of the Hill (i.e., the other three corners of the intersection it's on are commercial). Here's a photo my brother took of it.

I do not feel pregnant AT ALL. I keep thinking something has gone wrong. I have POAS a few more times, but of course my hCG levels have been high enough that HPTs would keep coming up +++ for a while even if I had had a miscarriage or something. I'm not saying I want to be flat-out sick with HG like last time (which started at 5w4d -- ie, today). Maybe a few waves of nausea and the occasional puke from about 7-11 weeks. That would be fine.

For you HGers out there, I am taking proactive measures as recommended by the fabulous gals on the HER boards. I'm taking 25mg B6 three times a day and half a tab of Unisom at night. I have a stash of old Zofran at the ready and an ability to get a prescription filled immediately if needed. (Relatedly, I also still have Colace ready to go to in order to ease the side effects of Zofran -- essential.)

Updated: Well, there is no way we are getting that house. We accepted the counter-offer, but the other bidders accepted the counter-offer AND are paying in all cash (!) (ie, they don't require a mortgage loan at all) AND waived the right to an inspection. Fuck that!


Kymberli said...

Happy belated birthday!

My best friend gets severe HG - I really hope you'll be able to keep it at bay with proactive measures!

My Reality said...

I hope you had a great birthday!

TLB said...

I concur--fuck that. I thought this was supposed to be a buyer's market?