Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oh, Dr. Google, can't you get your story straight?

I put myself on bedrest yesterday, which of course left my schedule wide open for consulting with Dr. Google about subchorionic hematomas and other matters. Here are some of the searches I performed: (1) subchorionic hematoma and CVS; (2) subchorionic hematoma small; (3) subchorionic hematoma and bedrest; and (4) subchorionic hematoma and aspirin. I also posted questions on the message boards I frequent. And then I emailed a close friend who knew I was pregnant and who is a connoisseur of bleeding during pregnancy, and she hooked me up with a friend of hers who'd had a major SCH but had a good outcome in the end.

Dr. Google knew nothing about search (1) -- apparently, this is a freak accident. Regarding (2), Dr. Google had some very contradictory information, but the evidence overall suggests that a small SCH is better than a big one, though the key detail may not be its nominal size but rather how big it is relative to the gestational sac, which, in my case, I don't know. Apparently, my age is working against me here -- women over 35 with SCHs are more likely to miscarry (though let me remind you again that I still have no gray hair, suggesting that I am an incredibly youthful 36 -- why, if you look at me before you put in your contacts, those crows' feet and smile caverns are barely discernible). But women whose SCHs appear after 9 weeks have a better shot at avoiding miscarriage. And let's just say here's another reason not to smoke.

Regarding (3), it seems that most people do get put on bedrest, though there is conflicting data on whether it matters with SCHs. My clinic didn't even put me on bedrest after they'd somewhat frantically rushed me in yesterday, but I called an audible and put myself on bedrest until the next scan. I performed query (4) because they told me to stop the baby aspirin I was on for my FET, and I got myself all confused because I thought aspirin was supposed to help avoid or possibly solve blood clots, but then I could also see how thinned blood would mean extra bleeding, which could expand the hematoma. Dr. Google was all over the map on this one, but when I posted the question on a high-risk pregnancy board, all the people who'd had SCHs who replied said they'd been taken off it, too, even if they remained on He.parin or similar. So while I still don't get why this is the case, I will accept it.

As you might imagine, lots of blog posts and message board posts came up in my searches. And, MAN, some people have HUGE SCHs and bleed out massive clots. Like, one woman said she had a clot as long as her forearm and twice as wide. I'm not particularly squeamish, but let me tell you that that would freak me the fuck out, and I would have to seriously consider fainting.

My wonderful babysitter stayed until had to go to sleep last night, and she came early this morning to wake him up and will remain here until he goes to sleep. My husband comes back in the morning, and then we'll get the scan.

My bleeding has slowed, though of course I have been mostly prone. I did recently get up and do some moving around (and -- TMI -- I had to take my second Zo.fran poop since yesterday, and those require awful straining), and I got a bit of semi-fresh-looking blood. The MFM doctor had told me I had to get rid of the blood in the clot somehow, so it would probably be coming out, but I just want it to be decidedly old-looking, you know? Like, brown and world-wearied.

But I'm trying to be positive. I definitely still have all of my pregnancy symptoms, such as feeling like crap in the afternoon/evening and getting major heartburn, despite my being on Pr.evacid. I hope we get good news tomorrow, and then we can figure out what to do about our extensive moving/travel plans. We'll do what we need to do, so long as (fetal name) stays in there.

Thanks for all of your kind comments, too, and if you made it to the end of this post, wow!


Jess said...

I made it to the end.

I had a lot of BRIGHT RED bleeding around 12 weeks with Ethan and they thought it could have been a clot. Not that we ever KNEW for sure, but still. Bright red bleeding, and it turned out ok, so it IS POSSIBLE even with blood that doesn't look old and dark. The brightness freaked me out, too, so I hear you.

Good luck on your next scan. I htink you're doing the right thing with the bedrest, too. Can't HURT! Might help.

Melissa said...

I also made it to the end! :)

I'm no expert on bleeding during pregnancy, or pregnancy at all..But, I've been thinking about you and hoping/praying that everything works out. Lots of positive thoughts coming your way.

nancy said...

Holy shit. She just passed a clot that big? omg. That freaks out my shit right here and it's not me. omg.

I'm still hoping for you and cant wait until you hear news.

Did you get the CVS due to being 36? I go to the periontologist in 2 weeks for my genetic counselling and wondering if they will suggest the same.

Motel Manager said...

Nancy -- yeah, I got the CVS due to my advanced maternal age. Well, that and the fact that I had an amnio with #1 and had weird results (trisomy 20 mosaicism -- all turned out okay in the end), and I decided that I'd prefer to get that information sooner. But, really, since this was an FET, the embryos were from my 34-year-old self, so I could have probably skipped all this stuff, too. Or I could've just waited for the amnio, which was ONE MILLION TIMES easier than the CVS.

Michell said...

I hope it all ends up being ok and that the bleeding goes away or starts to look old or something.