Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Missing: underpants, shoes, camera charger, toiletries, the bibs, and the thing we kept the bibs in.

Unpacking continues.   Some things are missing and unaccounted for, including a material portion of my underwear collection.  And I can't find my camera charger anywhere. continues to be alive for the moment (heartbeat in the 140s).   I have an OB appointment next week -- not sure if I'll have an ultrasound then or not.  Allow me to share with you the conversation that got me this appointment.

Receptionist: Dr. C. is taking new patients, but she's scheduling into October.
Me: Well, I'm pregnant.
Receptionist: She is still scheduling into October.
Me: I have a blood clot!
Receptionist: Could you come in tomorrow at 3:45?

Now, I had to take a later appointment because I needed to wait for my new insurance to kick in, but I was impressed with the magic a blood clot can work.

Our dog -- poor fellow -- is having a very difficult time making the transition to city life.  He almost bit someone on the street yesterday.  He's never bitten anyone before.  And there's been lots of growling and barking, too.   Bring in the Dog Whi.sperer!


nancy said...

Sweet on getting the appointment so soon. I wish it was sooner, but at least it's not into October! Sheesh!!!

I'm hoping that clot has shrunk down to nothing!

Minyo said...

I've been reading a long time. Is it o.k. if I start commenting? I hope your underwear reappears, your clot disappears, and your dog settles in to the new digs. Pretty awesome you were able to get an appointment so quick just by saying those two words. Hang in there!