Tuesday, July 08, 2008


The full CVS results are back, and Fran.z, should he remain installed until an appropriate debut time, is chromosomally normal. Just two more days until my next ultrasound. I continue to have pregnancy symptoms, so I am taking heart, though I also have occasional old-looking blood and some mild cramping I wish would go away. I keep telling myself it's bowel cramping related to the fact that I now drink Milk of Mag.nesia every night because of the heartburn situation. MoM works wonders on the old esophagus! Chewable antacids are allegedly the same thing as MoM without the laxative properties, but based on extensive personal experience (such as the 10,000 Tu.ms I've ingested) I think that's a load of hooey.

The movers were supposed to come today to pack up, but they got stuck in Wisconsin. So they claim they're going to do it all -- pack and load -- tomorrow. I'm not sure that's physically possible.

I've discovered the wonders of Fre.ecycle. People will take anything! And they'll come pick it up from your house! Really!

In other news, I joined Fac.ebook and bought a M.acBook P.ro. Soon, I will be able to converse with the young people.


Jess said...

Sounds like you're not doing too bad!!! I would think a little old spotting would still be reasonable.

Glad to hear Franz is "normal" and well.

Good luck with the u/s!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Franz is all good!

MoM has many uses, did you know you can use it on stubborn zits and makes a great makeup primer?

Facebook is kind of the devil. I am on there, if you want, I can email you my real name!

(BTW, thanks for the offer for the progesterone, I really appreciate it. I am going to go with suppositories as I get really bad welts from the PIO injections and my RE is reluctant to try the ethyl oleate as I have really strange reactions to lots of different injections.)

I am keeping my fingers crossed for your next ultrasound!

Essence said...

Macbook pro's are awesome. Keep an eye on your adaptor however, Mine melted and frayed last week.
just fyi