Monday, April 14, 2008

Four down, two to go has now endured four rabies-related shots (one immunoglobulin, three rabies vaccines). He'll have two more, but at least we get a week off before the next one. FYI, the best time to go to the ER for the shots seems to be around 7:30am.

I made the bat guy come back, too, to check things out. He brought his tween son, thereby ensuring that someone (in this case, my mother) would make a joke. They pulled out some insulation from the basement and found some large droppings indicating big brown bats, which have a wingspan of 16 inches or so. They plugged up the hole that had apparently let the bats in, and he assured me that we wouldn't turn out to be one of those houses where there are, like, 500 bats hiding somewhere. has some molars coming in, it appears. He's been a little crotchety, but that may also be because I continue to prevent him from hurling himself down the stairs, smashing the Ti.Vo remote through the glass door, eating toxins, and diving into the toilet. I know I'll be glad when he's 11 and still loves me, but right now I have moments of envying my friends who have girl babies. So much calmer! One of my friends said that she realized her house was childproofed for girls and not for boys when some little boy came over and grabbed a highball glass from a low shelf, whereas her daughter never did that. proved the wisdom of her observation when we were over at local friend T-Bone's house last night, and he tried to overturn several houseplants that her daughter had never touched. This was after he'd removed two different grates from heating vents and overturned the dog's water dish. It's a good thing he's cute.


statia said...

Poor kid. Molars and shots? Sweet Jesus, you're going to be paying for big therapy bills.

Molars. That's insane. Mine barely has teeth. He's 13.5 months and just now cutting a sixth tooth. Hereditary my ass. We both had Wink Martindale smiles at his age.

TLB said...

Poor baby. I hope he's doing better. And yes, he is extremely cute, and that doesn't hurt.

OHN said...

I am sitting here nodding my head and smiling. I have 3 boys and there are weeks where I think I am going to lose my mind-LOL!