Monday, April 21, 2008

I would still like to know how someone discovered that seaweed dilates cervixes

I just refreshed my memory of my last laminaria placement by reading about it. This time, I asked the assembled parties (RE, nurse, ultrasound tech) how someone discovered that seaweed opens the cervix, but I didn't get an answer because it was comedy hour in the clinic today, and they were sharing some inside joke at the moment.

This time, as before, the RE wanted to try a "sounding," where they try to thread the catheter through just for the heck of it. He actually did manage to get it through my hairpin turn (or, as he called it, "mountain road") of a cervix, but it wasn't easy, so we went ahead with the laminaria. Novac.aine was again injected into my cervix. Various implements were shoved here and there. The RE elected to use real seaweed instead of some synthetic version because the real seaweed is longer, thereby allowing him to cram it further in. He succeeded, which may make transfer a bit easier this time, though I will still have Dem.erol and B.uspar to take the edge off. I also have Ty.lenol 3s for use tonight if I need them (or for barter if I don't). I am definitely crampier this time from the laminaria - last time, it was a breeze. Maybe I was drunk or something.

For those of you keeping score at home, here are the highlights of the upcoming schedule:

Now through 4/30: Es.trace, 2x/day; also baby aspirin, which I'd forgotten about
On 5/1: Up the Es.trace to 3x/day
On 5/2: Ultrasound/"pre-op" appointment to check lining and ensure no ovulation occurred
On 5/4: Start 50mg (1ml) PIO in ethyl oleate 1x/day. All 7 embryos will be thawed - they are PN1s (pronuclear, frozen at day 1) - and put into culture.
On 5/9: Assuming embryos thawed OK and have cultured successfully, transfer one blastocyst (God and other deities willing).
On 5/10: 20th anniversary party for IVF clinic. With a bunch of infertiles, you'd think that they'd serve some booze, but it's 2-4pm, so I'm guessing not.
5/10-5/17ish: 2wfw (two-week fucking wait; at least the 5dt 2ww is really more like 10 days, and I will totally POAS by 8dp5dt)
Post-5/17: If pregnant, live it up before you start puking! If not pregnant, start drinking! got his second-to-last rabies shot this morning; the last one will be on Cinco de Mayo. FYI, 7:30am may be a good time to go to the ER, but by God if you let it slip to 7:44, all hell breaks loose and you'll be there 1.5 hours.


TLB said...

Wheee! So how do you feel heading down this road again--hopeful or tragic?

Me, I'm hopeful. I think it's going to be great, and the little man will have a sib in no time.

Jess said...

Good luck!!

singletracey said...

I so LOVE the ramp up to FET and Retrievals.. what is wrong with me!

GOOD LUCK and I will be cheering you on from here from the Bay Area ;-)