Monday, April 28, 2008

The best thing about that trip is that it's over

If I tell you that I plan to take by myself on another plane flight, just go ahead and lock me in a padded room. There will be NO MORE FLYING SOLO WITH BABIES around here. Being a prodigy, has already, at 11 months, learned to throw tantrums, shake his head no, and attempt to do every single thing I don't want him to do (e.g., grab coiffed white hair of old lady in front of us), and all of these skills were on full display. At one point, I stood up with him in the back of the plane by the bathrooms for 50 minutes. Good times. I also shed a few tears during that period, I am embarrassed to admit.

Also, my fingers appeared to bloat up a bit - either from something related to travel or from the Es.trace - and I could NOT get my ring off of my right hand for about 36 hours. It hurt. Finally, I yanked it (and some skin) off today, and the world is looking much rosier.

On deck for this week: ultrasound on Friday, followed by driving to Chicago with At least if he's shrieking the whole time, we won't be bothering anyone else.


TLB said...

Are you going to be in Chi-town this weekend? I'm coming in too. Let me know if you have free time for lunch or something.

Anonymous said...

At least he is super cute. :)