Friday, June 01, 2007

Why is my body so retarded?

So I went to the pediatrician today, and had LOST weight since Tuesday. Yep. And meanwhile, my pumping output keeps getting worse and worse. I feel as if the nursing itself is going well enough, so maybe that's why pumping is low, but, MAN, am I discouraged! All that work, and the baby loses weight. Clearly, my body is not up for anything procreation-oriented.

We will almost surely have to add formula supplements for the near term. I'm looking into a prescription for Reg.lan as well to boost supply, but it has some side effects that don't look great. You just take it for a week or two, though.

I can't tell you how discouraged I am. UGH!


Jamie said...

Hang in there. I don't know much about breastfeeding as I haven't started the few books I borrowed from a friend about it yet but I know that for some people it is a real struggle.

Don't be down on your body about it -- I know it must be hard but you have a beautiful little one and together you will make it through this.

My Reality said...

Keep hanging in there, it will sort itself out eventually. You are doing great. Really, you are.

Hopeful Mother said...

It WILL get better. Don't ask me how I know this, I just do.

It is definitely not your fault, remember that!

Meg said...

MM - UGH. I know EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL. This bites so badly. I hope you can find a way to work it out.

Jane said...

This sucks. But don't be down on yourself. It's not your fault. And formula, as TLB said on my blog when I was freaking about it, is not rat poison. The important thing is that S. is healthy, and doing that w. formula doesn't make you an inadequate mother! Still, I'm sure it's incredibly frustrating.