Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My good men

Last night, my husband took a long shift so that I could sleep for four full hours. I then was able to sleep even more - maybe two to three additional hours - while I was on duty and was sleeping. I feel a million times better today than I had been feeling. I may nap shortly, too.

Of course, this luxuriant sleeping came at a price - I didn't nurse AND pump at every feed overnight. I just did one or the other. If I pumped, we gave a bottle. This may affect my paltry supply, but so be it. I feel so much better today, even if my husband surely feels worse.

T minus six days until the baby nurse gets here, too. And only two-point-five more days that I am on my own with, since my husband will be here this weekend and will work from home on Monday. This morning, and I went to meet up with some other new moms at a bakery. Everyone has their own issues. One has a baby who eats around the clock, with no stretch longer than three hours, even after eight weeks. Another has a baby who sleeps well at night but won't nap during the day, which she spends crying. Another woman with a toddler said she'd had to supplement like me. It was so nice to get out of the house and commiserate.


Hopeful Mother said...

Sleep - a beautiful thing. I can only imagine how welcomed that was by the Motel Manager... bless your husband.

Re: new mom meeting - anything that makes you feel less crazy and alone has to be a good thing!

Meg said...

Yeah, you just reach a point, don't you? And they say sleep is good for supply anyway, right?

Hope your dom doesn't get seized at the border! I knew that there must be a reason for all he pharmaceutical spams. Now I finally get it.