Monday, June 04, 2007

Well, that was no fun while it lasted

I've already quit the Reg.lan. The side effects were pushing me to the verge of a breakdown - I'm not kidding. Crushing, crushing exhaustion (to the point that my eyes would roll up into my head), combined with anxiety, the jitters, and insomnia. Cruel! I stopped taking it today and already feel a million times better. Now, I just have to convince someone to write me a prescription for dom.peridone. My OB doesn't do it since it is not officially approved by the FDA for lactation help. I will have to order it from some sketchy Internet pharmacy, perhaps.

We went for a weigh-in today, and had regained up to his birth weight, which is good. We've been stuffing him full of breastmilk and formula. I have another fucking plugged duct today, if you can believe that. Anyway, his head circumference had also grown - that's my boy!

The pediatrician said we should keep doing what we're doing, but that it's okay for him to sleep a four-hour stretch at night. If we can get him to do that, it would be great.

My parents left yesterday. I cried. My mother was so incredibly helpful that things are going to be a bit bumpier now. My mother-in-law is here for a couple of days, and my husband is working from home today, but by Weds. afternoon, I'll be on my own for real. I hope I can hack it. My main issue is what to do with the baby when I'm pumping - if he's fussy, this is complicated.


My Reality said...

I wish I knew how to score good drugs still. There was a time when I knew how, but then I got old and responsible.

You are doing great with

infertilepediatrician said...

Have you tried a lactation consultant (maybe contact your local la leche league - they'll know how to score any drug having to do with BF). I know the lactation consultants that I used to work with often recommened dp. Good luck!

minnie said...

gosh i can empathisze. ive been having supply problems too but i gave up this week and dried up my milk supply because it all just was hurting me too much.
i admire and am envious of your dedication.

my milk suply did seem to improve when i used motherlove moremilk plus and goats rue tho.