Sunday, June 24, 2007

The big-time

That wry onesie was given to by Jane, formerly of Jane's Calamity. She's now officially blogging for about her twins. So check out Baby Squared. Bookmark it. Read it again. Submit insightful, witty commentary. Repeat process.

In other news, the second baby nurse departs in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. Then it's back to reality for us. We'll be in charge again in the middle of the night. The sting will be dulled by the fact that we'll get to move out of our guest room back into our bedroom, where the baby nurses have been staying because of its proximity to the nursery. The sting will also be dulled in that we will cease hemorrhaging cash for the moment. We'll resume hemorrhaging cash when I return to work and we need a babysitter or daycare for 25-30 hours a week.

Speaking of stings, I went to the OB on Friday because I had developed a painful lump in my abdomen above my incision. The diagnosis? Unbearable cuteness. Oh, wait - that's's condition. For me, it was apparently something called "trigger points" - nerves overfiring and creating scar tissue, or some such nonsense. The cure is basically to get injected with numbing medication repeatedly until the problem goes away. And, boy, did those injections sting! I'll have to get more of them tomorrow, too.

The OB also told me many stories of other OBs quitting breastfeeding after not too many weeks, and she said they all felt much better after being done. This did make me feel better. I am forging ahead for the moment, but who knows how long it'll last?


Michelle said...

Sounds like good advice from your OB. Don't torture yourself over BFing. I have a good friend who did with her first, despite tremendous pain. With her second, she gave it a try for a few months, found it equally problematic, quit, and was so happy she did. There are studies showing benefits to even a few weeks of BFing, and plenty of formula-fed kids go on to excel in the world. My assvice: it's worth a try, but you don't need to be a martyr if it's not working out for you.

Jane said...

Thanks for the plug!

I second the advice not to torture yourself over the BF thing, though of course I understand how hard it must be. The first 6 weeks are the most important by far in terms of the benefits, and you've reached that milestone, so you have every reason to feel great about that. It's not your fault that it hasn't worked out like you hoped. I think it's amazing you've done it for as long as you have given all the obstacles. Color me impressed.