Saturday, June 02, 2007

Another day, another plugged duct

I realize this is getting to be one long whine, but, MAN, do I feel as if there are a lot of obstacles between me and successful breastfeeding. Today, another plugged duct has appeared, for no apparent reason. We went to see a lactation consultant today, and I got to use the Med.ela Symp.hony hospital pump - so nice! So quiet! If I can start getting more milk, I may have to rent one. It doesn't talk like the PISA.

Anyway, I am now on Reg.lan. One of the side effects is fatigue - just what one wants when one is already sleep-deprived. The LC today told me that I could actually get dom.peridone here, which I didn't realize - maybe I should've done that. The should work in a week if it is going to; if not, I can quit it and try the domperi.done, which doesn't have any side effects, apparently.

Neither one always works. I am getting to the point where they just don't know why my milk supply isn't where it should be. I may be in the 2-3% of women who have an inadequate supply. Nice. Not. I have come to peace with the idea of formula supplementation, which we are now officially doing. I just don't want to totally unravel and do only formula (if I can help it) for at least three more weeks. Or, really, at least one more week. My expectations are scaling ever backward.

I hope you are all doing well, though!


Meg said...

MM - With the D.omperidone, the scripts say to take 10mg three times a day, which is for the nausea thing. For BFing you need to take 30mg three times a day. My doc didnt know.

Here you can get 100 packs, try to get your hands on one of those.

Definitely try hiring a hospital grade pump. I used the symphony until I returned it a few weeks ago with vain hopes the supply issues would be over. It rocks - kicks arse over the mini-eletrics and is less tiring than a manual.

I hope this resolves itself for you soon. it's so hellish.

Joceline said...

Went through similar challenges with breast feeding - things never really came together for us (long, not particularly informative story) but what I realize now is that for me at least, I felt so out of control as a new mom, I not being able to easily breastfeed seemed HUGE. Now looking back, with a healthy formula-fed 3 year old, I wish I could jet back in time and tell myself that no matter how things worked out, it would be ok.

And I'm not discounting all the "breast is best" stuff, I'm just saying a mother's sanity is important too. If your milk production doesn't step up, you've clearly tried your hardet!