Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Navel Gazing

WARNING: belly shots appear later in this post.

Well, I had lots of ideas for posts, but I wanted to wait to include them with a belly shot, and now of course I've forgotten what they were about.

I have now been to two prenatal aquatics classes - very enjoyable, if also very effective at producing scalding heartburn - and one prenatal yoga class. My prenatal yoga teacher is also a labor doula, which is good to know in case I decide I need one. As predicted, I was among the least flexible people in the class, but at least pregnancy is a good equalizer of flexibility - it narrows the distribution of talent, so while I was still in the bottom 20%, there wasn't the usual gaping abyss between the top 20% and the bottom 20%.

What's that you say? Yoga isn't supposed to be competitive? Yes, I realize that. I don't begrudge anyone else their flexibility, strength, balance, etc., but I do hate to be the worst person there.

Anyhoo, I have my monthly OB appointment tomorrow. Topics to discuss include a strange pain I have in my ribs (expanding uterus? bra too tight? cirrhosis?) and some occasional light cramping during my spins on the elliptical machine.

After eating my way across Omaha last weekend, my belly is now OUT. But my belly button remains deeply in. I swear, it may even be getting deeper, although What to Expect assures me that everyone's navel pops out. We'll see.

24 wks, 6 days. Enjoy!


Larki said...

Girl, I'm bigger than that after two chocolate chip cookies! Nevertheless, congratulations on what is, for you, a belly! You look fantastic, as always.

My Reality said...

Could the pain in your ribs be little feet kicking you?

statia said...

Babies have some seriously strong feet when it comes to the rib pain. I've had mine since about 24 weeks-ish.

You could visit a chiro to see if you possibly have a rib out (something I should have done, except my own chiro went out on maternity leave, so I'm hosed).

Hopeful Mother said...

My belly already looks like yours... except I'm only 3wks (potentially!) pregnant... and mine is covered in a rainbow of heparin bruises.

I hope your OB appt went well and you got some insight to your rib pain...

Jane said...

Congrats on the poppage! FWIW, my belly button also got deeper before it began the outward journey.