Thursday, January 04, 2007

Regular OB visits are very unsatisfying, since you don't even get to take off your pants.

First, let me say that my third wedding anniversary was yesterday. One thing that's bad about a January 3 anniversary is that it's right after the holidays and you're too wiped out to celebrate or exchange gifts, but of course that's also what's good about it. We were in bed reading by 8:20 - it was awesome. We did reminisce briefly about how friggin' drunk everyone was at our wedding, which we often cite as a point of pride. There were also at least five hookups, which is impressive for people in their thirties, don't you think? One of those couples is now engaged and planning a New Year's Eve 2007/08 wedding, extending the chain of love (we met at a NYE 2000/01 wedding).

In other news, I had another level II ultrasound today. I go to a huge teaching hospital, so there are always like 90 people in the room whenever I have anything done, and I seem to have established a rapport with one of the maternal-fetal medicine fellows. I feel that I am doing the various medical students, residents, and fellows a service by demonstrating how an overeducated, neurotic, infertile patient behaves. These doctors-in-training will be well equipped to take positions at clinics in affluent urban areas and college towns all over America.

The ultrasound itself was good. The technician was very verbal and helpful, showing me my baby's ass, brain, bladder, stomach, legs, perfect feet, hands, and nose, as well as my placenta, which is apparently very attractive. The baby was breech and I expect that he will choose that position again later on, since that's the way things go around here. The MFM doctor was not my regular doctor, but thankfully the stalwart fellow was there to provide continuity. They thought things looked fine, but they also grilled me for info as to what the UCSF people had said, which doesn't exactly inspire confidence. They agreed to schedule me for more ultrasounds to check the baby's growth - I'll get another in late February and then another at 34 weeks. Yay for me!

I then went to my regular OB appointment, which was - how shall I put this? - both quick and boring. Not much happens at regular OB appointments, you know? You pee into a cup; they check your blood pressure (111/67 today); they make you get on a scale (I'm now 10 lbs up); they measure your uterus (21 somethings - cms?); and they listen to the heartbeat (ranged from 150-163). It all takes about five minutes, and you don't even have to take off your shoes, much less your maternity jeans. I did manage to extend my visit for an extra two minutes since I needed to find out whether my OB had strong-armed my way into an appointment with the infertility/PPD specialist, and she did! I go in in late February. I wish I could have seen this woman during the throes of IVF, but I'll take what I can get.


Hopeful Mother said...

Hey, nice placenta there, lady!

I'm glad the ultrasound went well, with no evidence of club foot. Good news indeed.

My Reality said...

I am glad the ultrasound went well!

I would love to see a pic of it if you have one!