Friday, January 05, 2007

Welcome advice

When I was on my recent travels, I solicited advice on parenting and how to survive it. I thought I would share what I had learned; if you have anything to dispute or add, please do.

- Sleep when the baby sleeps. (This one came from multiple sources.)
- Steal as much shit as you can at the hospital, such as infant-sized caps and swaddling blankets.
- If you're having a boy, you will learn a lot about insects and dinosaurs.
- When someone comes over to see the baby, let them help - don't try to host them.

There may have been more pieces of advice, but those are what I remember.

I realize I have been over-blogging lately, but never fear - I am about to leave town again for a few days in NYC for work, so things should calm down, unless some extra-late amnio result comes back or something.


My Reality said...

I say if someone comes to see the baby, don't let them peek until they do a load of laundry. If they want to hold the baby, make them scrub the floors!

Larki said...

Steal as many of those mesh underpants from the hospital as you can. They are the bomb during that first week when your bottom is, um, a little ragged.

Also, for the obsessive among us (like, say, me): make a list of one non-baby thing you want to get done every day. Then cross it off it when you actually do it. This allows a sense of achievement, while reminding you that ANY non-baby activities accomplished are big news.

Emmie said...

Oh, I am sooo ready for boys, seeing as I took classes in both paleontology and entomology in college (that's how we English majors could fulfill science core requirements without taking chemistry). I knew the fact that I can map out every type of dinosaur would come in handy one day. ;)

The one piece of advice I've picked up so far is freeze a lot of dinners for you and your husband in advance of your due date.

(google insists on revealing the "real" me)

Jane said...

I definitely second the steal-as-much-as-you-can-from-the-hospital advice.

Sleep when baby sleeps is also good, though not always feasible.

Regarding visitors, I'd say allow friends who are parents to visit first, before others. They'll "get it": the need to wash their hands, help out, and not stay too long.

Freezing dinners: also good.

If you plan to nurse (which I imagine you do) have lots of zip-front tops / sweaters / sweatshirts on hand.

Prepare to receive conflicting advice from different people / books / authorities / etc. And try not to freak out about doing everything *right* (something I've been guilty of already)