Tuesday, January 16, 2007

22 Weeks, 5 Days

Warning: belly shot appears later in this post.

I may have mentioned this before, but I am too lazy to check. I once saw a post on a "Pregnant After Infertility" message board that was to the effect of, "Does anyone wish they could hide their pregnancy until the end?", to which several people replied in the affirmative. At the time, I was kind of like, you've got to be kidding me, but now I am totally with that woman, whoever she was.

I am now officially outing myself at work, but I can't rid myself of the feeling that I am going to jinx everything by making it more real. I haven't ordered a single piece of baby gear yet, even though I recently learned that some things, like cribs, take a while to arrive. So I need to get on that. But, damn, I'm superstitious. I was emailing yesterday with a friend of mine who had a miscarriage not too long ago, and she was complaining about a mutual friend who had just announced her (effortless) pregnancy - inexplicably, this woman had had CVS done, but was telling everyone before the results came back. What's the point? Anyway, my friend who had the miscarriage said she wouldn't announce any future pregnancies until twenty weeks. You can get away with that on the first pregnancy, so I say go for it.

Anyway, what a difference a month makes - I now have a gut! See photo below. I was wearing a loose sweater on top, so I probably could have gotten away with just looking tubby, but I started telling work people today. I'm pregnant. It's still so odd to say.


Hopeful Mother said...

You are so tiny (not tubby!) I can hardly see your bump, but since you've shown us bumps a few weeks back, I can compare and see that you're pregnant and growing...

I agree, it would be cool to "decide" when to start showing.

My Reality said...

I really don't think I like you anymore. It has nothing to do with your pregnant state. It has everything to do with being so damn small!

You look fabulous! I went back and compared it with your 17 week shot and you have grown a little, still not tons though. I am sure you could go incognito for a while longer.

Emmie said...

Oh my goodness--your belly is so cute and you are so tiny!!! Congrats on starting to come out to people. It gets easier, I think, the more people you start telling. Though I know telling those first few co-workers can be really, really tough.

I've been shying away from sharing my belly pics--I actually haven't taken any--but I feel I must to show our blog world what a beach ball I am at 21 weeks, first pregnancy or not. My belly outted me far sooner than I was ready.

VanillaDreams said...

Good lord!! You are TINY!!!! LOL A gut?!? My goodness, those pg hormones must be skewing your vision!! For 22 odd weeks of pgy....Ummm, I had to click on the photo to make it larger, and THEN SQUINT MY EYES to even make out your so-called "gut"!!! :P

I seriously think you could have "hidden" your
ENTIRE pregnancy from the public had you so chosen!


Anyway, I'm very happy for you my dear! Hope all continues to go well!