Thursday, February 01, 2007

OB report

My visit to the OB was uneventful. I had only gained one pound since last month, even though I am much larger. I think this is because last month's stats had included a robust weight gain, and also I'd eaten an XXL breakfast right beforehand, which wasn't true today. My total weight gain is hard to measure. If you go by my post-IVF weight, I am up 13 lbs. If you go by my normal weight, I am up 18 lbs. If you go by my hyperemesis low point, I am up 28 lbs. So many choices!

My blood pressure was good - 108 over 62. The little fellow's heartbeat was in the 140-152 range, and he kicked the ultrasound probe (I do think it had it coming). My uterus measured perfectly on target for 25 weeks. The nurse thinks my rib pain is just expanding ribs, and the cramping I get during exercise isn't a big deal as long as it goes away within 30 minutes (which it does). I get the glucose tolerance test in three weeks, as well as another ultrasound. Yippee! Actually the real "yippee!" is that the day after that appointment, we go to Hawaii for a week! Hooray!


My Reality said...

Can you pack me in your suitcase? Please! I am glad the appointment went well.

TLB said...

Awesome news. Keep growing, little guy!

Also, I want to go to Hawaii too.

Hope548 said...

Hawaii, I'm so jealous! Which island? I'm glad you're doing so well. Have a wonderful time!

OHN said...

I had to look twice at your photos and I only have one question--how in the hell do you look so good when you are over 1/2 way there??? My innie became an outie at about 3 1/2 weeks.You must be taking amazing care of yourself!

Also, FYI, Hawaii is my dream vacation..someday, somehow!