Monday, January 01, 2007

Relapse: don't do it

So I'd been having some good days and some bad days, but my overall hyperemesis trend had been positive. I was most prone to nausea in the late afternoons, and had probably puked twice a week during that time for the last five weeks - not so bad.

Until yesterday (ie, New Year's Eve). I started feeling fairly nauseated in the afternoon. We were staying with friends who like to eat and stay up late, so I thought that maybe I was feeling ill because I hadn't slept well or enough. I took a nap, but when I woke up to help prepare for the NYE dinner party (which started at five), I was really not feeling good. I popped an extra Zo.fran, since Zo.fran is my BFF.

The party began, and I was really feeling like crap - huge waves of nausea, etc. I tried to nibble on some bread, but no luck. Fortunately, this was a dinner party of close friends, so no one really minded when I said, "Excuse me - I need to vomit." And vomit I did - oh, did I vomit! I believe the puke left my stomach at a rate of no less than 75mph and possibly as high as 90. I did make it to the toilet (bad form otherwise, though surely NYE has seen many non-toilet-based pukes). This turned into the heinous, heaving feeling that I knew so well from the early days of hyperemesis. I repeated this pattern several more times until finally I realized it would be more polite to excuse myself from the rest of the dinner and lie down in another room. My husband and I snuck out just after midnight to stay at a quieter friend's house.

I managed to keep down my Uni.som and B6 and a megadose of Zo.fran before bed, and I do feel somewhat better today. I am just relieved I didn't have to go to the ER in a big city on NYE - that is one experience I can live without, although I'm sure one encounters many colorful characters there.

We fly back today, and I am excited to see my little dog tomorrow. Happy 2007 to you all!


TLB said...

Welcome back, and hope your 2007 is HG-free.

Fluff the little dog for me.

Larki said...

Welcome back! Will be anxiously awaiting all news of you, your passenger, etc.

And Happy New Year. I spent NYE in an ER, but on the giving, not receiving, end of needles, so it was pretty innocuous. May YOUR New Year be completely innocuous too, filled with normal, normal, and yet more normal.

spark said...

Happy New Year! Hope that the HG subsides again and 2007 is filled with joy!!!

msf said...

welcome back!