Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Update, in list format

1. My frozen blast thawed and became a glorious hatched blastocyst (grade: excellent). I'll try to scan in the picture, but, for now, see this. See how much bigger the hatched one is than the shell? That's what my hatched blast looked like compared to...

2. ...a cultured embryo that became a good-quality early blastocyst, which looked like this.

3. We transferred both. (The other four were still at cleavage stage and will be discarded.)

4. The pregnant RE did my procedure quickly and with minimal pain. The ultrasound tech was very gentle and I didn't even need the urinary catheter; I just lay there calmly after transfer and had no problem waiting to pee.

5. The Demer*ol and Bus*par didn't help as much as I'd have hoped, but they did help my overall mood. If I'd received a bad culture report, I probably would have freaked out regardless, but the drugs did help me feel better. I had some nausea after I got home, but I stuck a delightful Phen*ergan suppository up my sphincter, and the nausea abated (so long as I don't spend too much time thinking about the gelatinous goo that will eventually make its way back out).

6. Let's hope my endometriosis doesn't scare our visitors away.

7. Thanks for everyone's comments on the posts below - I really appreciate them!


TLB said...


Hopeful Mother said...

That is awesome about your blasts! YAY! I hope your visitors are here to stay...

Also so cool that your transfer went OK - so great that you didn't need the catheter.

When is your beta scheduled?

Keeping my fingers (and everything else) crossed!

VanillaDreams said...

That's sounds like a perfect transfer! Congrats on those blasts, they sound amazing!!

I am going to talk to my clinic about doing a 5 day blast transfer for our next is the only thing we haven't tried yet!!! ;)

Anyway, I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear more updates....when is your beta? Will you HPT before?

Good luck and all the best,

Emmie said...

I'm very excited for you--sounds like you had a really great transfer. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

How wonderful! I am so glad that your transfer went so well. I have everything crossed that your little ones are making themselves nice and cozy. Hugs.

My Reality said...

Sounds like a great transfer. I hope that the 2 week wait passes quickly.

I will be back to check for pics of your blasts!

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spark said...

That is great news!!! Hope that those visitors don't check out for a long long time!!

Hope548 said...

I had to catch up today, been busy at work where I usually read blogs on my lunch break, or pretty much anytime I want to slack off (which is funny with that study talking about how much productivity and money is lost due to internet surfing).

I have comments for your last three posts.

1st it's amazing people would just assume and ask if someone is pregnant. I wish we could educate the world and tell them not to ask. #2 PSA was hilarious. I too have to hire sometimes and am amazed that people don't have more professional emails to use. Seriously, you can get any number of free ones just for professional purposes.

Roof repair man - I can't believe the analogy he chose - what are the chances. Isn't it amazing how those things hit us so quickly and differently because of our situations? Just today I ran some errands at lunch, and there was a pregnant lady walking up to the library holding her son's hands. She was wearing a cute little maternity dress and I just wanted to say "stop flaunting it!" She wasn't really flaunting it.

I'm so happy you had such great embryos to transfer. I really really hope this will be successful! You've been through a lot. Good luck with the 2ww. We'll all be here for you!

I like my word verification - it is dahby. Kind of cute!