Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Public Service Announcements

I have two PSAs to make, one on-topic, one off-topic.

First, the on-topic one: As one of my high-school teachers helpfully taught us, you should never ask a woman between the ages of 20 and 45 if she is pregnant. No, this didn't happen to me (although I did notice a colleague I hadn't seen in a while eying my belly area the other day; I was wearing a sort of loose shirt that perhaps made her think I was hiding something), but it happened to a friend and IF sister last week. My friend went with her husband and another couple to their neighborhood cafe, where the staff knows them. The waitress pointed at my friend's belly, which was perhaps slightly distended from infertility-induced-stress-snacking, and said, "Do you have something there?" My friend blushed and tried to give the waitress a sideways glance that obviously meant Um, shut the fuck up, ho-bag? But the waitress continued, "Are you pregnant?" she asked, grinning happily, so sure was she that her intuition was correct. My friend, who had just gotten an unwanted AF that very afternoon, said, "No, I'm not," and looked away. She held it together through dinner, but then went home and cried for three hours. Oh, invasive waitress, I hope you realize your sins!

The off-topic PSA: I am currently involved in hiring for a major position at work. Accordingly, I am reading a large number of resumes and cover letters, and you would not believe the number of people who have a cutesy/nicknamy/borderline-risque email address on their resume - e.g., gemini_hottie at yahoo or ragingdave at gmail (email handles have been altered to protect the offenders). I mean, it's okay to have those email addresses for those friends who think you're hot and/or raging, but if you're applying for jobs, then get another account with just your name or something relatively close to your name. Also, try to spell the company's name correctly in the cover letter. I would think these things would be common sense, but then I am also the same person who will schedule myself to be in two places at once, so who am I to talk?

Clearly, I am a bit surly in the hours leading up to my FET. Thank goodness I've got drugs lined up. Let the good times roll!

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