Monday, February 12, 2007

Ah, 2006.

Last weekend, we were collecting our tax forms. In this process, I separated out all of our 2006 medical bills, since it is possible that we'll hit the threshold to deduct our expenses. Here's a shot of the file of just the bills - not instructions, waivers, clinic materials, photos of doomed embryos, etc., which make up a folder about twice this size.

One thing seems likely, though - 2007 will (knock on wood) be cheaper in terms of medical bills for one key reason: Z0fran's patent expired, and it is now available as a generic, and generics are free under my insurance. Wahooooooo! I shared this news with the barista at our local (non-Starbucks) coffee joint, since she'd had eight months of hyperemesis with her son, who is now two. She practically wept with joy and said she'd now consider a second child. She'd had no insurance with the first, so she would save up $600 at a time to buy 10 full-priced Z0fran.


My Reality said...

I hope that means you will get a nice tax refund!

Hopeful Mother said...

We just finished our taxes too... getting $3K back - which pales in comparison to the $25K we spent. Scary. I try not to think about it.

Good news on the Z0fran generic!

The Town Criers said...

The zofran news is the happiest news ever. I was on it until the day I delivered (and throwing up until the day I delivered). The worst was that you could only fill 10 tablets at a time at the pharmacy, so I could never go anywhere because I couldn't get my insurance to allow them to give me more than 10 tablets at a time.