Sunday, February 18, 2007

Nursery, Phase 1

As an exercise in resolving marital disputes, my husband and I assembled the crib this weekend. We are generally not good at assembling things together, as (a) we are both quite moronic when it comes to putting things together and (b) we have historically engaged in - ahem - snippy behavior when reacting to the stress that comes with being faced with one's own idiocy while in the presence of another. I am pleased to say that we assembled the crib, even though the instructions were far, FAR from illuminating. We only majorly fucked up one thing, and we managed to fix it.

Anyway, here it is - the nursery's first few items: the crib and mattress (only Tar.get's finest, naturally) and vaguely colonial-feeling rug ( I had hankered after a friend's lovely modern nursery set from this company, but when I found that each piece was more than 1000 clams at a local retailer, I decided that frugality is best taught starting at birth. Will our son's first word be "IKEA"? It seems likely.


Anonymous said...

Normally, I don't give parenting advice, but don't you think that poor baby will be cold without any blankets? ;)

It is looking good so far! My husband and I can't assemble things together either. But it our case, it is because I am better at it than he is and he gets all insecure and upset!

TLB said...

I can just hear you bickering. Wish I had been there.

Hopeful Mother said...

Frugality is a great thing. Your little guy will appreciate that you can afford his food and diapers. :-)

Jane said...

Nicely done. Frugal yet tasteful.

I have decided that the most stressful activities any couple can undertake together are 1.) Moving 2.) Packing up and getting out the door for a big trip (doubly true when children are involved) and 3.) Assembling furniture.

If your marriage can withstand these, it can probably withstand just about anything.

Brando said...

You should have taped the verbal exchange while you built it.