Thursday, February 22, 2007

OBGYNpalooza, day 2 (or: My Baby is Average)

Today's ultrasound revealed that my baby is breech, as usual. He is in a pike position with his feet up by his head. This explains why my bladder gets really whacked - he kicks it with his heels, I think. He is apparently 2.9 lbs, which puts him into the 55th percentile. The MFM doctor assured me that average is exactly where I want to be.

I had the MFM doctor look at my cervix on ultrasound, and I also had my OB inspect it in person. They concurred that it was high, tight, long, and closed. It had better be. It was so hard to get into that damned thing that at least I should enjoy the benefit of having it be hard for anything to get out. Anyway, I feel better about my long flights and my being far, far away from my team of experts.

The glucose tolerance test was, well, tolerable. They'll call today or tomorrow if I failed. I hope I didn't - the drink itself was palatable to me (as I have a sweet tooth), but it didn't feel great sitting there in my gullet afterwards.

Other stats: uterus is measuring a bit over 27 weeks, blood pressure was 113 over 62 (so somewhat higher than last time, but apparently not worrisome), and I was up a couple of lbs. I've decided to count my weight gain from my normal weight, so I am up 20 lbs now. That seems good, right, and just to me. They are checking my hematocrit level today as well - I hope that's all right, although I sort of doubt it, given my lack of iron consumption. I don't even take a prenatal vitamin, just a normal multi, since the idea of being even MORE constipated was a nonstarter for me.


Churlita said...

Yea! for being average. When I worked in ob/gyn, I used to recommend eating black beans for iron and to help with constipation - if you can stomach them

Midwifette said...

Hey, you probably already know this and I'm just giving you assvice, but we recommend mums to be stop taking their normal multivit as the Vit A can cause birth defects. We recommend a prenatal vit supplement or nothing. have you mentioned to the OBGyn you're taking a normal multivit?

The make-up there in the US is prob completely different anyway, just thought I'd mention it.

V (midwife, UK)

spark said...

Glad that everything is measuring on target. Hope that you have a wonderful trip!!

TLB said...

Have fun! The belly will be big the next time I see you.

statia said...

He could still turn. I know mine was flipping until about that time. I'll send you good turny like thoughts.

Anonymous said...

After infertility, IVF and HG, I think average sounds perfect!!