Thursday, October 12, 2006

The upside of hyperemesis

Nausea is a very consuming, focusing state. It totally sucks. But it is also useful in that I find myself being a lower-maintenance patient than I might be otherwise. My next ultrasound is 11/2, and that's okay with me - no begging for ultrasounds here. I spend no time agonizing about whether I am still pregnant or if everything is okay - I just don't have the energy to worry. I try to get through each day, and each week, and as I tick off another week here (I'm now nine weeks along, seven real weeks), it feels like an accomplishment, if one with no real outward manifestations yet.

I find myself hanging onto weird, irrational hopes. Like, HCG levels peak between eight and ten weeks, so maybe this is the worst it'll be? (Of course, hyperemesis sufferers don't seem subject to the same rules of thumb as your average pregnant woman - just look at what poor Beth has been through. Also, it's unclear whether HCG is really the reason behind hyperemesis.) And when another week passes and I still feel like ass - well, I have always shown a remarkable ability to come up with some other delusion to grasp onto.

I've stopped losing weight. I haven't gained any weight, but I'm glad to have stopped the slide. I go through phases where I can keep down a certain food or beverage for a couple of days, and then it repels me. Right now, I have been able to slurp some Od.walla Mango Tan.go each morning and have nibbled on a fresh gingerbread cookie from time to time as I go about my business in the office. I've had some success with Boy.lan's seltzer water, which is the only water I've been able to get down at all since all this crap* began. might as well be camel piss! I am on a strict schedule of Z0fran at 8am, 4pm, and midnight. I take Uni.som and B6 at night and crunch down one Flinst0nes chewable vitamin a day - I had forgotten how delicious they are. I'm serious. If they made a spree-like candy that tasted like Flintst0nes, I'd have a mouth full of cavities.

My husband and I were supposed to go to a wedding in Santa Barbara next weekend. We met at a wedding in Santa Barbara, so this trip would have been fun. I am definitely not going now (the idea of a plane ride - vomitous), and I have asked him to stay home, too, since it would be his third weekend in a row away. I hate that I am so needy and lame right now.

* Please note very few actual craps have occurred in recent memory.


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I am sorry that you are dealing with all of this nausea. I hope that it passes soon.

Heather said...

Hope you feel better soon Sweetie!!

Hopeful Mother said...

It's good that you're no longer losing weight. I hope you continue to improve though.

When is your next ultrasound to see the duo?

Hope548 said...

Ughh! So sorry for all the nausea. I can't imagine how miserable you must be. Don't even get to enjoy this long-awaited pregnancy. I hope things will ease up on you soon. Have a good weekend.

Jane said...

I'm glad the mister is staying home to take care of you.

Here's hoping the nausea lets up soon. It really is hard to do or think about anything else when you feel that way. What a drag.

So, by your 11/2 ultrasound you'll be 12 weeks along, right? That's great; the babies (or baby, as the case may be) will look like little people by then, and you'll see them moving. It's pretty amazing. Definitely something to look forward to -- and it will definitely make you feel more pregnant. (In a good way.)