Thursday, October 05, 2006


Today, we went to see the perinatologist. He was quite jovial. As our appointment wrapped up, we were chitchatting about higher-order multiples. My husband asked him what the most he'd ever seen was. He said the most embryos he'd ever seen in one of his own patients was ten, and the most he ever saw, period, occurred when he was in training, and some poor woman had nineteen embryos gestating away. Both had occurred from ovulation induction (ie, stimulation drugs, but not IVF). Presumably, there was some irresponsible medical advice given out, since someone with that many follicles should obviously not be doing an IUI or even doing it the old-fashioned way. Or maybe the patient threw caution to the wind - with a vengeance.

Nineteen! Shit.


Hopeful Mother said...

OK, that's crazy!

And we wonder why people have the perceptions of high-order multiples coming out of all infertility treatment - lack of understanding of the procedures. The patients have no chance if their doctors don't monitor or tell them of the risks!

Jane said...

NINETEEN??!! Holy crap. Her husband must have had one helluva sperm count.

I only had TWO mature follicles and ended up with twins. I can't believe any doctor would let their patient do the deed / get an IUI with 10 or...egads...19 or more!

What did the perinatologist have to say about your prospects for feeling better, etc.?

Hope548 said...

Holy cow!

I'm glad to hear you're hanging in there. I hope things ease up on you soon!

spark said...

WOW! I can't even imagine! But then again I'm having a hard time imaging ONE. :)

Hope you're hanging in there!

My Reality said...

Can you imagine how bad the HG would be with 19?

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

That is craziness!!