Monday, June 30, 2008

The calm before the mayhem

There's lots going on, though it isn't particularly interesting. Today is my last day at work. We close on our (ten million trillion dollar) house today, too. Tomorrow is my CVS. We're throwing a going-away party for ourselves on Saturday. The movers arrive next Tuesday to pack up our shit; next Wednesday, they load the van. Next Thursday, we fly to San Francisco. Next Friday through Sunday, we'll be at a wedding in Sonoma.

We move in to our financially injurious house on July 17. On July 19, I fly back to the Midwest to pick up our dog and drive him to California (since he's afraid of things as minor as hardwood floors, we felt that flying might be too much for his little brain). From July 24-27, we'll be in the mountains of Colorado for another wedding.

I'm excited but a little bit nervous about living in Hei.ghts. It's sort of the Pa.rk Sl.ope of SF -- you know, where I'd be taking my life into my own hands if I were seen feeding a baby formula in public. But, like Par.k S.lope, it probably gets a bad rap on that stuff. And given that I cannot spend five minutes in conversation with another parent without revealing that S.oren is the product of IVF, everyone will know about my unnatural ways soon enough.

I'm sad to be leaving this job. Of the jobs I've had, I loved my first one and this one. And I've really loved the benefits package here, so if you're in the Midwest and need infertility coverage (and a good IVF clinic), you might want to apply.

In closing, here's a recent shot of my boy, who occasionally takes some steps on his own and employs many signs (most often "help" -- lazy bastard).

Will report in after CVS.


Marie-Baguette said...

hey not sure you already had a CVS done. Some women don't feel a thing -- and others like me do feel it! Good luck with it, it is a pretty invasive procedure. All the best -- Marie

TLB said...

whew, lots going on, and as usual you have your hands full. I'm so sorry we're going to miss you guys at the end of the month. hope the Little Dog survives the change well--he'll miss his sister. and we will miss Expensive Acres. good luck getting everything done.