Sunday, June 15, 2008

Never again will I help other people!

So, yesterday, I sandbagged again. The day before, I'd moved books and boxes out of special collections from the main library on campus. All in all, I was feeling both virtuous and manly. And occasionally not nauseated, since the physical activity helped to quiet my overly sensitive vagus nerve.

Well, today, I woke up to SPOTTING. Now, although I am a big whiner, I have been lucky enough never to have had spotting before, and I thanked my difficult cervix for this. So of course I panicked. And called the OB resident on call, who told me everything was probably fine and that if it wasn't, they couldn't do anything anyway, and I was like, "I'm an IVF patient! I have to have an ultrasound!" So she reluctantly said I could come in and recommended I try the ER first since L&D was very busy.

Part of the reason it was busy, you see, is that the floods have shut down all but one bridge going from the east side of town (my side) to the west side of town (the big hospital's side). So I suspect the stress of the uncertainty whether they could get to L&D drove women into labor. Anyway, I went to the ER, which has been totally remodeled and is extra-deluxe, and I insisted more than once that I was not leaving until I had an ultrasound. ("I'm an IVF patient!", I repeatedly exclaimed by way of explanation.) One of the nurses' daughters had done IVF, so we talked about that. I told them I needed a transvaginal u/s due to my severely tilted uterus, and I think this piece of information frightened off the staff ER physician, who said he was no expert.

So up to L&D I went, where I met the OB resident on call, who looked awfully familiar and who, it turned out, had made my c-section incision with She totally liked me in person even though she had clearly thought I was insane on the phone. She tried a transabdominal u/s, but, guess what? It didn't work. So we went dildocam and saw the heartbeat. She wasn't adept enough with the u/s machine to measure it, but it looked fast enough to me. And then she had to rush off because the woman in room 3 was 9cm.

I've been instructed to take it easy. My husband has to get to the municipal airport shortly to take a puddle jumper to the main airport in the region since that road is closed and the detour involves going 287 miles (vs. the 25 it normally involves).

Anyway, moral of the story: don't help other people, or you might spot.


TLB said...

I was very impressed with your willingness to help out with the sandbagging, but I'm going to have to concur: no more helping other people. You need to rest, madam. Hope the spotting stops ASAP.

statia said...

Woman! Are you crazy? You need to settle down there with the heavy lifting. Take it easy, will ya?

Heather said...

Glad the little one is ok. Now you go and put your feet up and take care of yourself.

Jane said...

Yes; please take care of yourself first. If there is some sedentary way you can help out, terrific, but barring that, screw the IMU! And I never liked that ugly EPB either.

I assume Dey House on the hill is safe?

Jess said...

DO take it easy!! Although it probably won't actually help/harm, it'll make you feel better!! :)

I had spotting at 12 weeks with my pg (on Father's Day last year actually) and was like you...GIVE ME AN U/S OR YOU WILL DIE! And they did, and all was well.

Glad things were fine!

Kahla said...

I'm so glad all is well, take care!