Friday, November 23, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posting (not that you were refreshing madly hoping for a new post of pedestrian observations and trite assvice), but I was stricken by some sort of stomach ailment this week. I'm hoping it was food poisoning and not something that will get, but that may be too much to wish for. I did see a friend in Chicago who had recently had some sort of bug (though she was over it by that point), although if that's what I got, it had a four-day incubation period, which seems rather long. Anyway, fortunately this occurred while my family was in town for Thanksgiving, so they dealt with the baby and the entire Thanksgiving meal. Sweet! On the upside, I weighed myself and found that I was five pounds below my normal weight. Most of this is likely to be lost muscle, but whatever - we're going to a wedding in Mexico in a couple of weeks, so any weight loss is good weight loss.

I hope you are all having excellent Thanksgiving holidays, unless you're Canadian, in which case I hope you already had a good Thanksgiving holiday a month ago or whenever it was.

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Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Oh no sorry about the stomach bug!!