Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Gastrointestinal update

After a week had passed and no one else in my house had fallen ill, I permitted myself to think, "Hey, no one else has gotten sick!" Sensing my hubris, the universe then proceeded to make the following people fall ill in short order: my son, my husband, both babysitters, and a friend's toddler daughter. Wow, nice work, universe!

I even took So.ren to the ER on Sunday since he projectile-vomited and seemed listless. They said he wasn't dehydrated but that I was not entirely insane for bringing him in, which I appreciated because although it was probably not true (ie, I am entirely insane), it demonstrated good bedside manner on the part of the young resident.

Since we're leaving for Mexico tomorrow, I was a bit concerned for several reasons. First, because of So.ren's health, naturally, but also because what would we do if we couldn't go to this wedding?!? The bride and groom met at our wedding, for god's sake! We have to be there! Which they may not appreciate when they both get So.ren's GI bug and spend the ceremony puking!

In any case, he seems recovered now. All of the adults recovered quickly. So.ren had his six-month checkup (a couple of weeks late) yesterday, and he clocked in at the 97th percentile for height, 95th for head circumference, and 60th for weight. That last measurement might have been artificially low due to his puking and pooping and lack of appetite. Hey, he can be a wrestler someday!

Anyway, I hope we all make it to and from Mexico in good condition. So.ren has a 29-inch bag packed full of stuff just for him since we are bringing literally every single thing he will need aside from bottled water to make his formula. I hope you are all doing well!


TLB said...

I am drooling in jealousy from the 3 degree North Country that you are going to Mexico. Have fun and say ho to the bride and groom.

Also So.ren might just be svelte, like his mom and dad. That is not a bad thing.

Emmie said...

Please let us know how the trip goes!!!! Good luck. I hope you have a great time.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

So so jealous that you are going ot Mexico. I hope that you have a great time though!